Me & My Muse – Day 2300B: A Link to the Past

I woke up with a gasp.  I didn’t want to miss such a special transformation.  How many chances in the world do I get to see both my Muse and Twin Muse sleeping next to each other like this?

I glanced out my window, and to my surprise, Twin Muse was right.  Despite the fact that we were in the Tower of Muses, the top floor actually was Cinderella’s Castle!  I smiled and took in all the magic.  Through the three stained glass windows, I saw Fantasyland, completely absent of park guests.  The only ones present were Cast Members on streetsweepers, cleaning up the park for the very next day.

A couple more hours passed.  Both Muses were still sleeping, peacefully breathing in their Disney Princess dresses.  Muse as Elsa and Twin Muse as Anna.  Out of boredom, I walked over to where the white stagecoach dispenser which had some bedtime chocolates inside.  I helped myself to a couple and continued waiting.  Any minute now…

Another half hour passed.  I glanced over at the glass slipper which sat on the nightstand which faced the side that Twin Muse was sleeping on.  I was about to use the throne in the royal bathroom when I saw a flash.

The flash emanated from Muse, and then from Twin Muse.  Both of them started to go through a series of flashes.  They both began to flash like this.  The transformation was officially beginning.  I glanced at the clock and gasped.  It was 11:59 p.m.!

And just like that, the transformation stopped.  The flashes all concentrated into one powerful beam of light.  The light then morphed, transforming into a spirit resembling a woman…

I gasped as I glanced at the spirit.  “Who are you?” I whispered.

The pale woman was holding a harp, and was glancing around the room.  She then glanced back at me.  “I am Hylia.  Goddess sworn to protect the land of Hyrule and the Triforce.”

I scratched my head and looked at her.  “Hylia huh?  I think you’re in the wrong world.  Video game land is that way!”

Hylia scowled.  Her ghostly hand became tangible and she jabbed me in the stomach.  “Now is not the time for levity.  The Demon King is endangering the land of Hyrule, and I need a new host where I can carry out all of my sworn duties.”

I pressed my hand against the area where she jabbed me and groaned in pain.  “I’m very sorry of making light of your situation!  I didn’t know it was that serious.  Aren’t there enough maidens in Hyrule?”

Hylia sighed and shook her head.  “Every last maiden has been slain.  The Second Calamity caused by the vile Calamity Ganon was too much for Zelda.  She was slain, which forced me to flee her body.  Now please.  If you will.  Can I have one of your maidens?”

I smiled.  “This sounds like the next transformation!  Pick one and choose wisely!  The one in light blue is my Muse.  The one with the purple cape and a midnight blue dress is her twin, Twin Muse.  It’s up to you which one you want to be.”

Hylia glanced carefully at both of the sleeping girls.  Her attention turned to my Muse.  “The one in the icy blue dress and blond hair.  I sense a strong heart in her.  In the other one, I sense darkness and despair.”

“Then it’s settled!” I told her.  “So what’s going to happen!  How long will you need her?”

Hylia smiled.  “Long enough to defeat the Demon King.  Also, the Hero has been defeated, so I will need someone who is abundant in courage.”  She gave me a deep stare.

“Me?” I gasped.  “There isn’t any good young man alive?”

Hylia shook her head.  “The Second Calamity is the worst Calamity to ever befall this land.  I sense a great amount of courage in you.  Please!  The balance of the Triforce must be restored and peace must return to this land….”

I let out a sigh.  “Very well.  I do have a One Privilege, so I should be a very proficient swordsman.”

Hylia nodded.  “Thank you.  I will now enter the girl…”

I gasped.  “What about…Twin Muse?”

Hylia stopped moving in mid-step and turned back at me.  “She will take on a different form.  A form that will reflect whatever is in her heart.”

I nodded and looked at the two sleeping girls one last time.  “Let it begin!”

Hylia nodded and entered Muse.  As she did this, Muse flashed in a bright beam of light.  The transformation was now really beginning.

The flashes intensified and she transformed.  As she was transforming, the entire interior of Cinderella Castle began to change.  My Muse grew and her age changed.  She grew into an adult.  Her light blue dress transformed into a dark pink corset, covering her white dress at the top and splitting outward at her midsection. The dark pink piece wrapped around both her hips and around her back.  A golden bird ornament with blue sapphires held the shield shaped royal crest of Hyrule, which draped down the length of her dress, almost to the bottom.  A golden tiara appeared on her head, with a blue sapphire in the center.  Two gold shoulder pieces appeared on her shoulders with two blue armlets appearing near her armpits.  From her blond hair, two side braids appeared, running down both sides of her face, each one wrapped in white lacing.  An additional back braid ran down behind her, loosely braided at the tip of her hair.  On the back of her hand, I saw an image of the Triforce flash, with the bottom left Triforce flashing on her hand, before dissolving and vanishing.

For me, an image of the Triforce flashed on the back of my left hand, with the bottom right Triforce flashing on my hand, before dissolving and vanishing.

While all that was going on, the room finished its transformation.  We were no longer in a tiny guest room in Walt Disney World.  We were definitely in a castle, but in a larger and more spacious room.

My Muse then woke up and let out a pleasant sigh.  She then looked at herself and gasped.  “So who am I?  What’s going on?”

I smiled and looked at her.  “You’re Zelda…Or should I say Muse!”

My Muse frowned.  “What is that supposed to mean?”

“Well, you’re a princess, and this is…Hyrule Castle?”

My Muse continued to frown.  “Yes, I definitely look like a princess, but I don’t have any idea what’s going on.  But I will certainly find out!”

I smiled as I glanced at her.  “I’m sure you have the wisdom…”  I then walked over to where the Twin Muse was and gasped.

Laying on the bed was a slightly younger Twin Muse, dressed in a white shirt with a teal pattern running across it, with an aqua blue zig-zag running across inside the pattern.  A purple sash ran around her waist.  Below her waist was a dual-layer dress.  The smaller layer toward the top was light blue and the much larger bottom layer was white.  Attached to her purple sash was a pair of light purple butter fly wings, with yellow speckles all over it.  Her blond hair ran in two curved pigtails, which flowed on either side of her face.  She looked like a Lolita girl.

I gasped as I looked at Twin Muse.  “Is she…Agitha?”

Right after I said that, I noticed a ladybug crawling onto her face.  As it walked along her face, she began to laugh, and she woke up.

When she saw the ladybug, she joyfully gasped.  “A ladybug?” she said, smiling.  “What a pretty little ladybug!  Another beautiful bug to add to my kingdom…”

My Muse nodded matter-of-factly and glanced back at me.  “What kind of princess is she?” She laughed.  “A princess of bugs?”

Twin Muse sternly nodded.  “Yes!  And this little one right here needs to join the other pretty bugs.  Time to go outside and find the others!  They can’t be late for the ball!”

After she finished talking, I noticed a flash come from her.  An image of the Triforce appeared on the back of her hand, with the top Triforce flashing, before dissolving and vanishing.  She left the room, joyfully skipping to and fro, holding a parasol in one hand and the ladybug in the other.

I looked back at my Muse and nodded.  “I know who you are.  If you give me some time, I can explain.”

But my Muse shook her head.  “You know who I am?  I don’t.  Please.  Let me figure it out myself.  How else can wisdom be gained if I don’t discover it on my own?  Now, the night is still young. Please let me sleep in peace.”

I nodded and left the room.  Right after leaving, I was steeped in a very thick purple smoke which filled all of the halls.  Glowing pink and purple ooze ran all over the walls, with yellow glowing eyeballs protruding in various places.  Right next to me was a tall knight that was ready to swing his sword directly into my face.  I quickly backflipped out of my way and used my One Privilege to make a sword appear in my hand.  I swung my sword at the tall knight, which caused a beam to come out of it.  The tall knight’s armor absorbed the impact and took no damage.

Filled with heroic rage, I flailed sideways, tumbled behind him, and struck him in the back, severing the part that held his armor together.  From there, I kept delivering fierce swings, knocking more and more of his armor off until he was just in his bare mail.  My assault continued, striking the knight, knocking his helmet off and pinning him to the ground.  And without thinking, I jumped up and delivered a downward thrust, sinking my sword directly into his chest.

After letting out a sigh of relief, I heard another metal thunk.  Five more soldiers were approaching me.  A soldier with a flaming spiked ball and chain standing between four other tall knights.  Being greatly outnumbered, I broke the glass at a nearby window and took a brave leap out of Hyrule Castle.  I fell a great distance, landing in the moat.  Looking up, I saw the crimson sky, bleeding in light purple.  A dragon like burning smoke flew around in the air, almost resembling a dark boar.  A boar wandering aimlessly around the castle grounds.  Hylia was not kidding.  Hyrule is in big trouble.

I glanced at Hyrule castle, which was bleeding in purple slime and covered with glowing yellow eyes all over the structure.  With the wisdom that my Muse has been given from Hylia, I hope that she figures out who she is soon.

So my Muse is going to be Hylian for 100 days?  Brace yourself, everyone.  This one is going to be full of adventure.  The stuff of legend…

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