Me & My Muse – Day 2301: The Legend of Muse

Well, I may be home on the side of reality.  But on the imaginary side, I just crossed over to a different realm.  The “Video Game Land” that I was joking about is not a laughing matter anymore.  Before my very eyes, I just watched the inside of Cinderella Castle in the Magic Kingdom transform into Hyrule Castle in the land of Hyrule.  From a magical land to a land of legend.

And my Muse, who was only a tween, transformed into an adult, resembling Princess Zelda.  If she is going to assume her identity for the next 100 days, then I better brace myself.  The Hero is nowhere to be found this time, so I have to assume that role this time.  Every Hero in Hyrule has been slain, so I’m the only one left…

Last night, I also noticed something going on with the Triforce.  The Triforce of Courage flashed on my hand.  The Triforce of Wisdom flashed on my Muse’s hand.  And finally, I noticed something shocking.  The Triforce of Power flashed on Twin Muse’s hand!  And with Hylia saying that she senses darkness and despair in her, I have a bad feeling about this…

I need to somehow get back into Hyrule Castle, since I know that my Muse is there.  *gasp*  What’s going on?  The castle is flashing!

*Hyrule Castle Flashes brightly, forming a translucent layer full of ancient text over the whole castle*

Now I’ll…Hey!  I can’t enter the castle!  That bright barrier is preventing my passage!


Wait!  Who was that?  Was that…My Muse?

It is I, Princess Muse.  I have discovered who I really am.  I am speaking to you telepathically, for Ganon, the vile Prince of Darkness, might hear us if I use any other means.

You sound like a child.  At least a nine-year old.

I am no longer in your era, for the Second Calamity has already ravaged the land.  The place where I am speaking to you from is safe, and you should flee as well, if you want to guarantee your safety.

So you’re in the past?  I would imagine very far in the past, considering everything that the Hero of Time has done is considered Legend in these days…

Very far, yes.  Now listen to me.  You need to leave that era.  Ganon is looking for every last living thing that still posesses light inside of it.  I have made a portal appear in a hidden grotto west of Hyrule Castle.  Hurry to that grotto, for Ganon will close that portal if he finds you there.  Hurry!

Whoa!  What kind of Guardian is THAT?  I’ve never seen one so big!

*begins sprinting, trying to outrun the giant guardian, who has its laser sights targeted on me*

How is it still targeting me?  I’m running as fast as I can and I’m still dead in its sights!

*the Guardian continues running, making a series of beeps as it zeros in on its target*

It’s getting ready to fire its laser!  I need to defend…NOW!

*guardian fires laser, which is quickly deflected by shield, which breaks into pieces*

That laser didn’t kill it?  Here.  I have some Guardian arrows.  One Privilege, ENGAGE!

*materializes bow and fires a Guardian arrow directly in the eye of the giant mechanical arachnid*

There.  Got it!

*Guardian collapses to the ground on all eight of its legs and makes a powering down sound, before exploding*

I need to keep running!

???:  Now just where are you running to?

Who are you?  You look like Ghirahim, only everything’s pink!

???:  That laser should’ve been a direct hit.  The king won’t be happy…

Who are you?

???: Who are YOU?  Are you supposed to be some kind of hero?  Well listen here.  There aren’t any heroes left, so stop trying!

Well, you’re not telling me who are you, so I’ll read your mind.  Ugh…All I can get is your name…Zalassa…

Zalassa:  So you know a few parlor tricks?  What does that matter?  This land has more than its fair share of tricksters.  I was told that you were here, so stand still so that I can put an end to you!

*the top Triforce flashes on Zalassa’s hand*

You’re…Twin Muse?!

Zalassa:  Maybe in another time, another place, I was that pathetic little girl.  I was even a girl obsessed with collecting bugs!  But the king had much better plans for me.  Now stand still!  The blade will go through you better if you do!

Let me guess.  You’re the Dark Muse again.  I am not standing still.  I am…

*runs away but runs right into Zalassa, who teleports right in front of me*

Zalassa:  I don’t think you heard me.  Now I don’t want to strike you twice.  Stand still!

*Zalassa shoves me to the ground and prepares herself to pin me to the ground with her sword*

*rolls out of the way, causing Zalassa to miss*

I don’t have time for your games.  Bombos!  One Privilege, ENGAGE!

*sets off a series of fireworks and runs away towards the grotto*

There.  I see it!  The portal…

*Zalassa appears right in front of the portal*

Zalassa:  Now where are YOU going?  You clearly don’t know how to listen to me so I’m going to make it clear to you again.  Stand still so I can slice you in half!

Time freeze! One Privilege, ENGAGE!

What a way to cliffhang things, huh?  The Dark Muse has already assumed a new form, and I’m off to the past to see my Muse.  From what I see here, this transformation cycle is going to be exciting!

Today’s high is going to be 52 degrees and the silver lining is being back home from my trip at last.

To those of you who like returning after a long trip, I hope that you all have a fantastic day!

*unpauses time and leaps over Zalassa entering portal which quickly closes*

Zalassa:  That’s fine.  The king will be in the era that he’s going to, and so will I!  You can run Kyle, but you cannot hide!  Tee hee!


*meanwhile, back in the far past*

Impa: Muse, does all that make sense to you?  Everything that I have told you should shed some like on who you are.

Muse:  Everything is starting to make sense.  It’s like the words that you speak to me awaken something inside of me.  I can remember taking an oath promising to protect something important and fighting in a war against the Demon King.  Ah!  Triforce!  I’m supposed to protect the Triforce!

Impa:  Hylia’s memories are awakening inside of you.  I do sense something dark coming from that Ganondorf in the other room.  We might have to leave soon.

Muse:  Not yet.  I had a dream of Kyle visiting me.  Not too long after that, we ran away.  He must come and visit us before we escape.  He must!

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