Me & My Muse – Day 1800B: A New Tail

I continued staring at my Muse.  Her transformation was beginning.  I have no idea what she is going to be next.  Whatever it is, I hope it’s not something bad.  Over the past 100 days, I did really enjoy having her be Iron Muse.  That was a lot of fun.  I just hope that her next transformation doesn’t take a turn for the worse…

My Muse began flashing, and then the room.  It was mainly my Muse’s legs that flashed.  But why her legs?  I just couldn’t figure it out.

But then it happened.  The room flashed brighter and began filling with water.  Water was gushing in from every side.  Is this transformation going to drown my Muse?

My Muse’s legs continued to flash.  As they began to flash brighter, they began to transform into a different shape.  It transformed into what looked like a long fish tail.  No.  It was more like the tail of a mermaid.

My Muse’s clothes disappeared and her hair grow longer.  Long enough to cover her breasts.

The water gushed in until the entire room was underwater.  It was now a fish tank.  It felt like one at least.  Since I was running out of air, I used my One Privilege to be able to breathe.

My Muse opened her eyes and gasped.  Bubbles came out of her mouth when she gasped.

“I’m…underwater?” She gasped.

“It looks like you are,” I told her.

“Why?” She said, full of uncertainty.  Then she glanced at her newly formed mermaid tail.  “What?  I’m a mermaid?”

“Mermaid?” I repeated.  “More like a Mermuse!  I love your hair and you look cute in your mermaid form.”

My Muse’s hair unfurled, and wrapped around her waist and scales.  “Thank you,” she told me.  “Now excuse me.  I am going to rest and learn about my new mermaid form.”

“Okay.” I told her.

She left the room and all the water flowed out of it.  She flopped on the floor in the hallway, screaming.

“Water!’ She shouted.  “I need water!”

The entire hallway filled with water and she swam to and fro toward the end of it.

As she was doing this, the hallway and her room began to fill with various sea life.  Fish, clams and coral began to appear everywhere.

I guess I’m getting pretty deep into this one now.  So, my Muse is a mermaid now?  Tom Hanks, eat your heart out!  That goes for you too, Daryl Hannah!

Well, this next 100 days is going to be very wet.  I’m going to need water.  That’s right.  A whole lot of water to get through this one…