Me & My Muse – Day 1600B: Child’s Play

I carefully watched my gigantic Muse from a distance.  Although it was many light years away for me, I was actually right next to her from her perspective.  And judging on her telepathy, she is aware of my presence, despite her slumber.

As she rested, her breaths were like intense windstorms to me.  Windstorms that could devastate an entire universe.  But none of them phased me, due to my one privilege.  I would not settle for a holographic substitute.  I simply wanted to see her, no matter how many universes tall she was.

But all that was about to change.  With her new form, she would no longer be a giant.  She would be something else entirely.  But what?  Would she go from gigantic to tiny?  Maybe microscopic and subatomic?  Hopefully not.  I would not be able to find her if she was that small.

My Muse rested on.  I glanced at her smile that was literally the width of several universes.  Considering her current size, it made sense that she blew up the universe when she outgrew it.  Now the universe that I dwell in, the universe she restored, is but a speck to her.  A tiny speck that she can’t even see.

Suddenly, the room lit up, which drew my attention back to her.  She was flashing.  The 10,000-universe woman was flashing.  Her flashes were so bright that they would blind anyone who saw them.   But with my One Privilege, I could see them just fine.

The flashes continued to emanate from her, and she began shrinking fast.  Her and the entire room all shrank rapidly.  In seconds, she was universe sized again.  Seconds later, she was a mere galaxy.  Then a planet.  And finally, a skyscraper.

A few seconds after that, some other flashes followed and she was her original size.  The flashes continued.  She began to shrink and her age changed.  Her dress flashed and it became a footed sleeper.  A pacifier appeared in her mouth.  Her bed transformed into a crib.

No.  She can’t be a baby again, can she?  But she’s not a newborn.  Let’s see.  In getting her data, she’s three and a half years old.  She’s 33.5 inches tall and she weighs 28 pounds.  That’s the height and weight of a two-and-a-half-year-old.

My Muse woke up, taking her pacifier out of her mouth and yawning.  She then gasped.

“Daddy…” She whispered.  “My diaper is all wet!”

I shook my head in disbelief.  She still wears diapers?  I guess that would make sense since my Muse has been incontinent since her baby transformation cycle.  Could this be a continuation of her childhood?  Maybe she’ll be older during this cycle?

“Daddy!!!” she screamed louder.  “I want a new diaper!”

I sighed, using my One Privilege to instantly change her diaper.  “What you need is some big girl underwear!”

“No daddy!” she whimpered.  “I can’t!  I can’t make it to the potty…”

She can’t now, but she’s going to learn.  I’m pretty certain that her learning now is essential to my Muse’s improved continence as an adult…

“You can.” I told her.  “I know you can.  You have been a big girl a lot…”

“Silly daddy! I’m not a big girl!”

“Yes you are.  I mean that you were mommy’s age…”

My Muse looked at her hands and gave me a confused look.  “No I wasn’t…”

That’s right.  She can’t remember anything.  I won’t bother trying to explain then.

I lifted my Muse back into her crib.  “Go back to sleep.” I told her.  “I’ll wake you in the morning.”

“You will?” she asked, yawning.

“I will.  Good night!”

I kissed my Muse and tucked her in.

I then teleported back to reality.  So I guess this is her form.  A child?  I’m guessing that she’ll be different ages in her later childhood.  With that, the next 100 days is going to be interesting…

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