Me & My Muse – Day 1354: Long and Tiresome Thursday

Need I say more?  Thursday was a long and frustrating gauntlet.

Was I able to get through the morning like usual?  Yes, but that was only part one of my shift…

What made today so frustrating was that it lasted until 4:00.  Now I understand that I would be working longer than that if I were at a regular job.  I have no problem working 12 hours if I’m paid the right amount.  But 8 hours at $9.10 an hour?  No thank you.  I have maxed out my skill set and I’m ready to broaden my horizons.

For instance, my shift lasted long enough that I wasn’t able to contact someone at Dow about a job that I was trying to apply for.  At 4:30, I wasn’t able to reach anyone.  If it were about 2:30, I would’ve had a much better chance at reaching them.

Trying to reach that contact was all that I was thinking about toward the end of my shift.  When you have your current job prevent you from trying to get a better job, it gets frustrating.

So I surely hope that I can find something soon.  At least five pastors are praying for me every single week, and I’m praying along with them.  Either God is totally silent on this matter or he is hard at work, preparing what he knows is best for me, for God knows what is best for all of us.  Will I be presented with a job soon?  An opportunity of some kind?  I surely hope that this is the case, as my eyes are open for an opportunity.  An opportunity that I hope that God leads me to soon.


Leaving reality for a moment, I am still searching for the center of the dimension with Dolores.  The inside of my Muse is vast, so I’ve been traveling with Dolores all day in search for the center of the dimension…

Tee hee hee hee hee hee…

Dolores:  *yawn*  Did we get there yet?

Not yet.  We still have some ways to go.

Dolores:  Wake me when you get there.  I’m using another sleep spell!

We should be there by tomorrow, due to the rate of speed we’re going.

Dolores:  *yawn* Okay… *snore*

Back to reality, my day and pursuit for that position has been jeopardized by a slightly longer shift today.  I will have dinner, take a breather, go to sleep and wash, rinse, repeat.  Fortunately, the weekend begins after my shorter Friday shift.

Today’s high is going to be 44 degrees and the silver lining is putting in a full day of work.

To those of you who are trying to find work, I hope that you all have a fantastic day.


*flashing Muse hovers, setting down another empty bottle of milk*

Muse:  Change me AGAIN, mommy!

*Former Queen waves hand and Muse flashes*

Former Queen:  All changed, honey!

Thank you, mommy!  You are da best mommy ever!  Tee hee!

And you are the best queen ever, dear.  May you reign forever!

I weign forever and ever and ever!  Tee hee!

Tee hee hee hee hee hee…