Me & My Muse – Day 1351: Time for Spring

Spring is in the air,  and I kind of felt it at work today.  Although this Monday was busier than usual, it was definitely manageable.

I will cut this short and check out the Imaginary Kingdom before my friend comes over today.  Today should be quite fun…


Dolores:  I did it!  I had to relearn a lot of my old spells, but I figured out how to undo the one that the brat has!

Have you seen her?  She’s even younger now!

Dolores:  Age is irrelevant, my pretty.  She could be a newborn and the undo would still work!

Why are you here?

Dolores:  I had to escape!  An explosion was happening with some very powerful magic!  If I would’ve stayed around, I would have been one of her clones!

Let me guess.  She tried to outgrow that dimension and tore it apart, recreating the dimension in her likeness.

Dolores:  Yes.  She became the next Divine Power!  But they are both brats!  I will never try to acquire any magic from them again!

There is nothing Divine about them.  All they each have is a One Privilege.

Dolores:  But those privileges have changed entire dimensions!  Just exploding all over the Imaginary Realm has covered it in her presence!

So?  I could do the same if I wanted.  It’s a clear abuse of power.

Dolores:  You have one too?  Why didn’t you say so?  You can undo all of this!

You don’t understand.  If I try to undo it, she will cancel the effects.

Dolores:  Why not use your power to rule?

Why don’t I do this?  Here’s why.  I was entrusted with this privilege, and I will not abuse it.  Think of it like being given a paintbrush.  Am I going to make beautiful pictures, or am I going to use it for graffiti?

Dolores:  I see.  The anti-spell is done.  All I need to do is cast it on her.

I will use a protection shield on you.  I don’t want to chance you becoming one of her many clones…

Dolores:  Wouldn’t you become a clone?

No.  I am her “father”.  Why would she do that to her father?

Dolores:  But you’re not really her father!  She just made you her father!

Yes.  My Muse has taken a particular liking to me.  Despite her losing every part of who she is, there is one part that still remains.  She loves me, regardless of what form she is in.

Dolores:  So that’s why she considers you the father instead?

I think that it’s a merging of her love for me and her love for her actual father.  Because these feelings are so blurred together, she probably thinks that I’m the father.

Dolores:  You have the privilege, so you kind of made her, right?

Yes.  But I also made a father for her, and I made you as well.

Dolores:  Let’s stick to the story, okay?  There is no need to break the fourth wall!

I think we already did.  Anyways, you are protected.  Let’s go find my Muse!

*teleports inside Imaginary Realm with Dolores*

Tee hee hee hee hee hee…

Deja vu.  I am pretty sure that you will hear this over and over again in this dimension…

Dolores:  Make it stop!  I keep hearing that brat laughing over and over again in my head!

There’s no stopping it.  Her presence is everywhere in this dimension.  Even in your mind.  You will just have to get used to it…

There they are.  The numerous clones…

Muses:  Hi daddy!

Dolores:  So where’s her house?  All I see is an endless playground…

It should be in the center.  It will take a while to find, but we’ll find it.

Tee hee hee hee hee hee…

Yes.  And her laughing is still continuing.  Her kingdom has greatly grown.  She is no longer queen of the Imaginary Kingdom, but the supreme Queen of the Imaginary Realm!

Dolores:  What’s that in the sky?

I don’t know.  It looks like a building, but it covers the entire expanse of the sky…

Dolores:  And it’s only the bottom of the building! You can’t even see anything else!

I’m guessing that the building is castle.  A castle the size of several galaxies…

Dolores:  Galaxies?

Yes.  This dimension is her size now.  After exploding, this dimension is a lot bigger.  I am guessing that just her castle is barely scratching the surface for this place…

Dolores:  How will I ever cast that anti-spell?

There is a dimension inside of her.  We will enter that dimension, fall asleep, and you will cast that anti-spell…

Dolores: Fall asleep?

Yes.  In the dream world, things are easier to control.  In this dimension, it’s a reflection of this world.

Dolores:  How do you know there’s a dimension inside her?

You should know.  I have a privilege, right?

It’s time to move on.  And get to the castle…


Getting back to reality, I will now get ready for my friend to come over.  In the meantime, I will check today’s job postings.

Today’s high is going to be 51 degrees and the silver lining is my friend coming over later.

To those of you who like being with friends, I hope that you all have a fantastic day.


Muse:  I’m tired, mommy!

Former Queen:  It’s okay, dear.  Here you are.  Nappy time… Tee hee!

Mommy!  I see lots of babies!  I see you everywhere!  Tee hee!

I know, honey!  I’m everywhere too!  What a pretty dimension you made!

I make it myself! Tee hee!

Tee hee hee hee hee hee…


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