Me & My Muse – Day 1170: Back to Normal

It worked.  Although it was a battle, I managed to get my One Privilege back.  What are you all doing here?


Get lost.  I don’t need a bunch of baby Muses.  One Privilege, ENGAGE!

*Muse swarm vanishes*

Remedy:  You…you did it!  You found the One Privilege?

Yes.  I found it because I decided to give up and quit.

Remedy:  Enough!  I understand my shortcomings, but it just seemed so helpless at the time.  How did you find it?

It was just like a “dream”…

Remedy:  So Muse acquired the privilege in her dreams?

Yes.  And I locked her out of ever being able to have that dream again.  This privilege is too dangerous for anyone else to have it.  Now if you would excuse me, I have a universe to save…

Remedy:  And Nurture.  I really miss her!  Good luck!

Don’t need it.  My privilege is back!

*flies forward many times faster than the speed of light*

There it is…The galaxy where the Dark Muse is held.  I know the precise coordinates, thanks to the privilege.  Oh!  More company!

*swarms of Muses orbiting the galaxy begin to pursue me*

Disappear!  All of you!

*all the Muse swarms disappear*

There.  Now to find the planet.  There it is.  A planet with a Muse face.  No surprise there…

*enters planet’s atmosphere to find a large city, with a looming castle*

She’s right in the tower…And I don’t need any “visitors” to stop me.  Muse army, be gone!

*Muses in castle disappear*

Now for the clean rescue…

*enters castle tower through window*

Dark Muse:  Tee hee…help!

There you are!  How long have you been here?

Dark Muse:  A very long time!  Tee hee!  All I wanted to do was visit my home and I couldn’t leave ever since!  Tee hee…

She wouldn’t let you leave.  You got trapped in the recesses of her thoughts and you ended up trapped inside her head.

Dark Muse:  And there were guards watching me all the time!  Tee hee!  I couldn’t escape!

Well, you need to leave.  You are affecting my Muse’s behavior in a very negative way.  Once you’re gone, my Muse can start behaving normal.  Come with me…

*Dark Muse grabs my hand and we fly out of the castle*

Dark Muse:  Tee hee!  I’m very sorry!  Did I do anything wrong?

Not much.  You only redesigned the entire universe in your image and possessed virtually unlimited power.  Other than that, I think you did pretty good…

Dark Muse:  Tee hee!  I’m so so sorry!  Did I really do all this?  Get me out now!

There there.  My Muse was influenced by your presence, so you didn’t do all this.  After all, she’s only a baby and she doesn’t know any better.  Having you in there kind of escalated things…

*flies back faster than the speed of sound onto planetoid with Dark Muse*

Remedy:  You have her, but where’s my wife?

She’s outside my Muse’s head.  We need to leave to find her.

Remedy:  She is?

She is invisible.  Only my Muse can see her.  I’m getting strong readings outside of her…

*exits Muse’s head*

And she’s still gigantic.  1000 feet tall, to be exact.  Not anymore!  She’s normal size now.  One Privilege, ENGAGE!

*Muse shrinks back to normal size*

Let’s see.  According to my privileges, she’s 8 months old today.  She’s 23 inches tall and weighs 9.5 pounds.  The height of a 3 month old and the weight of a 1 month old.  And Nurture is right…there!

*uses One Privilege to make Nurture visible*

Nurture:  New daddy!  You’ve been very naughty!  Tee hee!

No.  You have.  Do you have any idea how many Muses are inside of you?

Nurture:  Um…I can’t count?  Tee hee!

Exactly.  There are billions of Muses inside you.  Stop possessing her, you naughty Muses!  Out!  All of you!  BE GONE!

*billions of Muses get sucked out of Nurture*



*Nurture faints, with Remedy quickly catching her*

She’s a little shocked, but she’ll be fine.  Having billions of baby Muses possessing you can really take a toll on your body.

Remedy:  I’ll handle her and the Dark Muse.  You right all the wrong.

Right away.  Muse universe, you are gone!  BE GONE!

*explodes, showering the universe in radiant light*

There.  Everything’s back to normal.  Which means I have a Toastmasters meeting to get ready for!  I better do that!

Well, everything’s finally back to normal.  I’ll talk to Remedy later if I have time.  All that’s left is to raise my Muse properly.  With the Dark Muse out of her, we should be able to do that fine.

Time to wrap this up and get ready for my meeting.

Today’s high is going to be 79 degrees and the silver lining is finally getting the universe restored.

To those of you who are really enjoying this Tuesday, I hope that you all have a fantastic day.


Muse:  *snore* Ehhhh…


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