Me & My Muse – Day 1169B: The Brightening Dream – Blinded by the Light

Okay.  Here it goes.  If this works, then I’ll be able to get my One Privilege back.  Her powers will fade and she will no longer be a danger to this universe.  Her universe will be gone and original one will be back.

*falls asleep and enters dream world*

There she is.  A gigantic infant, shining brighter than any of the stars in the sky…

*flies over to my Muse, who is sleeping*

Tee hee…No!  It’s mine!

Says who?

Says me!  It’s mine!  Tee hee!

Well, watch me take it then!

*reaches out and touches gigantic floating Muse, who is still sleeping*


I hurt you, daddy.  You being bad!

But it’s mine!  How can you do this?

Really big yummy flashing light is mine!  I never let you have it!  Tee hee!

Gabrielle:  Well, if he can’t have your “Really big yummy flashing light”,  here Kyle.  All the Master’s Privileges you want!

Ho ho!  So this is how my Muse got the Master’s Privileges.  But I’m guessing that Tee Hee Girl gave her a copy…Sure!  I’ll take a few…hundred!

*absorbs hundreds of privileges and begins flashing with power*

No daddy!  It’s mine!

Give me the privilege!



Gabrielle:  Take a million…

*absorbs a million more Master’s privileges*

Give me the privilege!


*entire realm shakes violently*


*a large intense beam of light emerges from my Muse and flows directly into me*

Thank you.  And good.  I don’t hear your omniscient voice anymore.  I didn’t like it.

Ahh…Sleeping like a baby, huh?  Sleep on…I have a universe to correct…

It looks like her light is already starting to fade.  She’s a goddess no more…

And to make sure that she doesn’t have this dream and obtain my One Privilege again, this dream is officially locked.  She is banished from this dream and it’s now impossible for her to have it. One Privilege, ENGAGE!

*entire area flashes, with the sound of a lock being latched*

Wait until Remedy sees this.  It’s time to wake up.  One Privilege, ENGAGE!

*leaves dream world and awakens*