Me & My Muse – Day 1084: Baby Steps

Whenever we take on something something new, we need to consider the type of approach that we are making.  Are we making the approach with undue haste?  Is it done at the spur of the moment, without much thought?

Such decisions that are made impulsively generally do not produce good results.  With this, we see incomplete plans, wasted resources and wasted time.  To make wise use of these aforementioned items, a more careful approach needs to be taken.

We need to take baby steps.  These short and gingerly strides may require more time to achieve, but this extra time is necessary to produce the quality results that we are looking for.  The pace can always be adjusted, when we are more confident in what we want to achieve.

Over time, those baby steps can change.  Those small and delicate steps can turn into wider strides.  If we have a clear understanding of the goal and the resources to get there, we can begin walking.  And if all the information is there with every step in place, we can sprint all the way to the goal.

Running is something that we all want to do eventually.  But it comes with understanding what you’re doing.  The more that you understand, the faster that you can go with your pace.  And before you know it, those baby steps can become marathon sprints.

But it all starts with a concept.  If it’s a new one, you’re laying down.  And as you begin to understand it, you’re crawling.  Pretty soon, when you have achieved your balance, you begin your slow and careful strides, making your way deeper into the unknown.


Muse:  Daddy! Daddy!  Daddy!  Daddy! Daddy! Daddy!

Is she really…?  No.  I was afraid that this was going to happen.

Muse:  Daddy? Daddy? Daddy?

Why did you have to be a baby?  There were many other things that you could’ve transformed into.  I don’t have time to deal with toddlers today.

Muse:  You are my daddy!  Daddy!

(I better play along to keep things simple)  What?

Muse:  Guess what, daddy?  I just went pee pee!

You did?  Now you went pee pee in the potty, right?

Muse:  No!  I goed pee pee in my diaper!

*sigh*  Do I have a volunteer?  I really don’t want to change a two-year Muse’s diaper.

Muse:  Daddy…I all wet and it all mushy!

*sigh*  No!  Do I really have to?  I guess I am, if I’m going to be a father someday…

*uses One privilege and begins changing baby Muse*

Phew!  It’s just a number one.  The mushyness must have been the wetness…

How many of you fellow men have tried to get out of this?  Everyone.  I’ll be right back.  I don’t need an audience watching while I’m doing this…*sigh*

*a few minutes later*

There.  All changed.  You’re all good to go, kiddo.

Muse:  Daddy! Daddy! Daddy!  Daddy! Daddy! Daddy!

What is it, pumpkin?

Muse:  I have something to tell you!

What is it?

Muse:  I goed pee pee again!  And…*grunts*

No…I am not changing that.

Muse:  Poopy!  Ew!  It smell bad…

No! I’m not doing it!

???:  Oh!  There you are, honey!

Remedy!  Could you take this toddler off my hands?  I really like my Muse, but not when she’s a baby…

Muse:  Daddy!

Remedy:  Absolutely.  I was actually wondering where she wondered off to.  She just woke up from her nap and I haven’t seen her since.

She takes a nap this late?

Remedy:  Yes.  Intangibles take a lot more naps than humans do.  Sometimes more and sometimes less.  It depends on their mood…Let’s get you home dear…

Quick question.  Are you really her father?

Remedy:  Of course!  I thought that you knew that by now.  Why else would there be such a close bond between me and her?  She’s my daughter.

Then who’s the mother?

Remedy:  I’ll have to show you someday.

Muse:  Daddy!

Remedy:  Just a moment, my dear.  I’m saying bye to Kyle.  Let’s say it together!  Bye Kyle!

Remedy and Muse:  Bye Kyle!

Remedy:  Good job!  Now let’s go back to your place and…ooh!  You need a change!

Muse:  Daddy!  I play pretend.  That man was daddy. I pretend!

Remedy:   That’s nice dear.  Let’s get you home…

*Remedy grabs baby Muse and they both vanish in a beam of light*

Phew!  I didn’t want to take care of a toddler.  At least not yet.  I know that I want to someday.

I will now get ready for bed.  My work week resumes tomorrow.

Today’s high is going to be 86 degrees and the silver lining is having this day off.

To those of you who have enjoyed this Sunday, I hope that you all have a fantastic day.


Remedy:  There.  All changed.  Let’s get you ready for bed.  Then I’ll tell you a bedtime story.  It’s one of your favorites…

Muse:  Tell it to me, daddy!  I wanna hear!