Me & My Muse – Day 1062: Larger Than Life

Today has been pretty good so far.  I got to sleep in, which is considered a luxury when you factor in my work schedule.

I’m kind of iffy with what I want to do with this one today.  Should I just present you with a message?  That is why some of you are here anyway.  You are looking for that takeaway that can better benefit your life.  The rest of you are just here for the entertainment.

And some of you are probably curious about the title.  “With that, he’s got to give us a message, right?”  Well, I’m getting there.  If you want to be larger than life, you need to remove yourself from the equation.  Most people ask “What’s in it for me?”  when it really should be “What’s in it for them?”  When we begin serving other people, it’s not about us anymore.  It’s about them.  And when you begin serving with that end in mind,  it really makes a big difference.  A difference that is larger than life.  Ah! So that’s where he’s going with that!

*ground begins to shake violently*

Muse:  Did I just hear you say “larger than life”?  Just look at me!

Just one moment.  Last night, you were a harlot.  Care to explain that?

Muse:  Last night?  I’m very sorry about that.  I don’t know how to explain this, but when I’m a totally different form, it’s almost like I’m a different person.  My emotions…my thoughts…All of them are dominated by that form.

They are, huh?

Muse:  Yes.  So whenever I act different, it’s because of the form.  I’m really sorry that I can’t help it, but please bare with me.

I forgive you.  It’s just that your form last night really bothered me.

Muse:  Do you think that I wanted to be a flapper?  I don’t decide what form I want to be.  It just happens.  Can you decide the weather?

I can’t.

Muse:  Exactly.  It’s just like that with these forms that I shift through.  Now today, I am enormous.  Up you go!  Whee!

Hey!  put me down!

Muse:  I’m just having fun!  And this is not as big as I can get.  Watch!

You’re already taller than my house.  How big are you going to get?

Muse:  As big as I want!  It’s so much fun.  Everything is shrinking around me…

That’s because everything is growing around me.  You are aware of the square-cube law, right?

Muse:  Absolutely!  That’s why I am completely intangible.  As I grow in size, my volume would increase faster than my area.  At every moment my size doubles, I become eight times heavier.  If I were to be tangible,  each step I would take would cause my legs to fall off.  Not to mention, I would have trouble breathing and having the blood circulation necessary to travel all around my giant body.  But since I’m Intangible, I remain weightless and completely immune to the laws of physics.  Therefore, that law doesn’t apply to me.

Yes.  And that’s the “big” problem with giants.  They have problems with standing and moving.  The only real “giants” we see are 7 to 8 feet tall.  Any taller and there would be no way for them to function.

Muse:  Yup!  And now my foot is as tall as your whole house!

Then you’re over 400 feet tall!

Muse:  Something like that.  I don’t keep track of my height. I just love to grow!

Is this part of your form?

Muse:  I guess it is.  I really can’t help it, so please bare with me.  Time to grow even more!  Oh yeah!

Whoa!  Now your hand is the size of a vast field!

Muse:  A vast field?  Then my hand must be over 1000 feet long, making me almost 10,000 feet tall.

Wait!  You just told me that you didn’t care about your height!

Muse:  Well now I do!  What does it matter?  At almost two miles tall, the Burj Khalifa is up to my kneecaps!

Are you done growing yet?

Muse:  Nope!  This is just too much fun.  Growing some more!  Here we go!!

Wow!  Your hand is now…enormous.  But how big?  One Privilege, ENGAGE!  It looks like your hand alone takes up 470 acres!

Muse:  That would make me almost 50,000 feet tall.  At this height, the tip of Mt. Everest would be up to my waist.  Let’s go there!

*Muse teleports to Mt. Everest and stands next to it*

Muse:  That was fun.  Time to grow some more!

This is where I’m leaving.  Any more altitude  and I will run out of oxygen.  I already had to use my One Privilege to be able to breathe.  See ya later!  Don’t destroy the planet!

Muse:  Um, I can’t! Don’t you remember?  Because I’m Intangible, I’m weightless!  Bye!

*teleports back to house*

That felt oddly familiar.  It was like my experience with the Dark Muse, only a grown-up and more mature version.

Having taken the title literally now, I think it’s time that I relax.

Today’s high is going to be 82 degrees and the silver lining is having this day off.

To those of you who are enjoying this Saturday, I hope that you all have a fantastic day.

Muse:  Whee!  This is SO much fun…I am in outer space and the whole world can fit in the palm of my hand!  In covering the earth, I can cause an artificial night over the whole planet!  I am Muse!  Giant queen of the universe!  Mwa ha ha ha…Okay.  maybe I’m overdoing it.  I don’t want to cause any natural disasters to Kyle’s planet.  Hope I’m not too late…