Me & My Muse – Day 1053: Tired Thursday

Having worked a really early shift this morning, I am pretty tired.

Since work,  I have been scouring my website for really good material.  From the older entries, I came across a story titled “Project Fountain”.  It’s a really good one and I think it has great potential.

For newer material, I want to keep that going.  My passion is use this site as a platform to dig deeper.  To unearth my passions before all of you and share them with the world.  I am hoping that from this journey, you will will learn and be inspired.

I love new ideas, and books are full of them.  Where will my passions take me next?  Lots of books with lots of ideas.  This in turn will give me the ability to continue with ideation and turn this place into a real source of revenue.  I don’t necessarily know how I will get this working but it’s a learning process.

It’s a process to take what I love and learn how to make a business out of it.  It all starts with ideas, and only choosing the good ones that work for me.

So who’s ready for this ride?  I know that I am.  And wherever it takes me, I know that it will be exciting.


Muse:  You’re going fer a ride?  So, what’s yer stead?

I don’t have a horse.  I’m not referring to that kind of ride.

Muse:  Well shucks!  You done had me fooled, partner!

So what are we?  All western now?

Muse:  Yessiree!  Now excuse me, sir.  I’m famished.  I’m moseying out and rustling me up some grub.

So, where are you getting your food?  Some saloon?

Muse:  Yessir, mister!  Now stop with the piddlin’ and let me be!

You’re dressed from the 19th century.  It must be your form, right?

Muse:  Form?  Now yer speaking silly talk.  Ya spooney!  What are ya refferrin’ to with a form?  Are ya talkin’ about my figure?  What are ya, blacksmithin’?  Now that’s baulderdash!  I ain’t any one of them girls of the line!  I’m an Angelica and my bed is clean!

That’s not what I meant.

Muse:  That’s not what ya sound like.  Ya better be telling the truth, mister!  Ya best be gettin’ to a Gospel Mill.  Git ya mind right!  The Gospel Sharp will fill ya with Jesus!  Go catch your sparrow somewhere else ’cause there ain’t any sparrows around these parts.  I ain’t no woman to be with an unwashed buckaroo.

I’m not a cowboy.

Muse:  Then what’s yer trade?  Are ya a plow chaser?  Or are ya one of them mouthpieces?

I don’t farm and I don’t have any idea what a mouthpiece is.

Muse:  It’s one of them fancy men that settles disputes and collects a lot of money.

You mean a lawyer?

Muse:  That’s a funny word, but whatever cooks yer goose mister!

I’m not a lawyer.  Just a blogger.

Muse:  Blogger?  Do you work with the loggers then?  Cut all them trees and make all them log cabins?

No.  Blogging.  It’s something that you won’t understand for another 150 years.

Muse:  So yer saying that you’re from the future?  Baulderdash!  I’m afraid yer missing a few in there, mister.

Aren’t you hungry?  You said that you were going to the saloon.

Muse:  Yessir!  I am!  Pleasure meeting ya.  A very strange folk, you be.  I’m moseying out now.  I have ta reach the saloon before sunset.  Giddyap!  H’yah!

*horse takes off in a streaked beam of light*

The only thing that I found enjoyable was her old West getup.  The cowgirl hat, the dress, and those nice mittens.  Besides that, she was hard to talk to, considering how behind the times she was.

Time to enjoy the rest of this evening.  The weekend is just ahead and I can hardly wait.

Today’s high is going to be 84 degrees and the silver lining is having the rest of this day off.

To those of you who are looking forward to Friday, I hope that you all have a fantastic day.


Muse:  That was the strangest fella that I ever met.  Must be all soaked or somethin’.  150 years into the future?  That’s crazy talk!

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