Me & My Muse – Day 1033: Green Haircut – TGIF Edition

There.  I did it.  After working seven hours and spending 2 hours and 15 minutes cutting lawns, I am now ready to relax.


Muse:  Ugg!  Me like relax!

So you’re in loincloth with messy hair?  What’s going on now?

Muse:  Me live in cave.  Me happy there.  I make fire.  I make wheel.  I hunt mean-looking raptor.  Eat him for dinner.  I work hard.  Now I play.

So you’re a cave woman?  Or should I say cave Muse?

Ugga:  What is Muse?  I am Ugga.  That what mom call me.  But mom eaten by dinosaurs so I take care of self.  Me go and make big fire and dance and have fun.

Enjoy the fire!

Ugga:  You come with me later.  See fire.  Drink lava juice.  Go crazy.  Dance in front of fire and shout.  You be Ugga’s special friend!

I guess I’ll check it out.  Let me know when the fire is ready.

Ugga:  Ugga let you know!  Ugg!!!

*Ugga vanishes in a volcanic explosion*

Whoa!  That was intense!

I will now begin my evening of relaxation. After a hard day of work, I have earned it.

Today’s high is going to be 72 degrees and the silver lining is being able to relax tonight.

To those of you who are glad that it’s Friday, I hope that you all have a fantastic day.


Ugga:  Ugga make lava juice.  Ugga add special stuff for extra kick!


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