Me & My Muse – Day 1034: Soggy Sunny Saturday

In looking outside, I am glad that I mowed the lawn yesterday.  It is currently raining.  So if you had any outdoor activities planned, you might want to cancel them.


Muse:  It’s the filling!  I got to the filling!  Do you want any?

Oh my goodness!  You’re bleeding all over!

Muse:  It’s good.  This tiny elf told me that I could eat this.

Stop.  We’re going to clean you up and you’re not going to cut yourself anymore.

Muse;  But he’s my friend and he told me!  Did you hear them?

Hear what?

Muse:  Don’t you hear them? Say hi to them!  They’re here!

Nobody’s here.  You’re totally crazy.  Now, I’m going to take that knife away from you.

*takes knife from Muse*

Muse:  I’m a magical elf!  I can time travel through jello!

*Muse makes a larger knife appear and strikes her arm with it*

Muse:  There it is!  The filling!  Have some!  It’s strawberry…

Stop this at once!  You will not make anything else that will harm yourself.  One privileges, ENGAGE!

*knife vanishes*

Muse:  Do you want some?

No.  And your arm is completely healed, too.

*blood vanishes and arm is restored*

Muse;  NO!  The filling is gone!  The elf will be mad!  He said that he would kill me if I didn’t make this filling…

There is no elf.  It’s all in your head.

Muse;  I saw him!  And I…Do you hear them?  They’re singing!

Who’s singing?  I think that you’re a little psychotic.

Muse:  I can water myself.  Watch!

Oh, that’s gross!  I’m going to put you to sleep.

Muse;  No!  The elf said no sleep!

You’re sleeping.  One privileges, ENGAGE!

*Muse falls asleep*

Remedy:  I can take it from here.

*Remedy grabs my Muse and carries her*

Remedy:  She will be like this all day.  She’ll be a new form tomorrow, so don’t worry about her mental state.

I won’t.  I know it’s one of her forms during this special 100 day cycle.

Remedy:  Well, I’m going to clean her up.  The poor thing…I know this is a struggle for her.

*Remedy vanishes in a beam of light*

It’s now time to enjoy the rest of this day.  It’s too bad that my Muse is psychotic today.  She’ll be something different tomorrow.

Today’s high is going to be 68 degrees and the silver lining is having this day off.

To those of you who love having this day off, I hope that you all have a fantastic day.


Remedy:  It will be all right.  That elf will not hurt you.  (I might as well play along so her psychosis doesn’t get worse…)

Muse:  S-stay away…Don’t hurt me…I’ll make more filling…I promise…*snore*

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