Me & My Muse – Day 1009: Warmer Conditions Ahead…

I have checked the outlook for the weather and the outlook is good.  Nothing but higher temperatures and sunny in the extended outlook.  It is official.  Spring is finally here and it is about time.


Who could that be?

*answers phone*


Muse:  Kyle?  Good.  You’re there.  Could you come and visit me?  I only have five minutes on this phone, but a little longer if you visit.

Where are you?

Muse:  I’m in a woman’s prison.  It’s really an awful story.  Someone framed me for a murder that I never did.  And as a result, I am serving a life sentence in prison, with no possibility for parole.

Can’t I post bail and set you free?

Muse;  You can’t.  You can try offering bail money, but they won’t take it.  I have to serve my sentence.

Why should you?  Someone else did the murder.  You are innocent!

Muse:  Just come to the prison.  The time for my phone call is running out.

I would, if I knew where it was.

Muse:  Here.  I will send you there.

*gets transported to Intangible Prison for women*

Oh!  It’s a prison for female Intangibles?  Wait a second!  Couldn’t you just…

Muse:  Psst!  No I can’t! They have placed a tracking device on me so if I escaped, they would be able to catch me.

Don’t you hate it here?  Being in that orange jumpsuit?

Muse:  At least my cell is better than the one I was in.  I had to share a cell with five other Intangibles, and they were pretty violent!  Since I was on good behavior, the warden moved me to my own private cell.

I don’t think it’s fair.  You should have a right to argue your side of the story.

Muse:  They won’t let me.  There’s an overwhelming amount of evidence against me.  The one who arranged this framed me bad.  They ruined my name, my reputation…everything.

Warden:  Your visiting time is up.  Say goodbye to your friend.

Muse:  Bye Kyle!  Visit me tomorrow, okay?

I will.  Hang in there.

*gets teleported back by my Muse*

The only matter about tomorrow is that she won’t be in prison anymore.  So my Muse is a prisoner today?  Not a very good transformation if you ask me.  I am hoping that tomorrow’s will be better.

Getting back to what I was saying, the weather is getting pretty nice, and I look forward to the end of the week.  By then, it will be short-sleeve weather.

Today’s high is going to be 43 degrees and the silver lining is being done with the cold weather.

To those of you who are glad that Spring’s finally here, I hope that you all have a fantastic day.


Muse:  I didn’t want to tell Kyle, but I’m keeping this top secret.  I am escaping this prison tonight, and I will be clearing my name.  The real criminal that framed me will be in this cell very soon.  I can definitely assure that…