Me & My Muse – Day 985B: Into the Shadows

Muse:  It’s not working!  I’m doing everything you’re telling me to and he’s not budging!

Dark Damsel:  He isn’t, huh?  Well, he won’t.  Come back to the lair, my dear!

*Muse teleports back to the Lethal Lady League’s lair*


*Muse appears and flashes, becoming Tee Hee Girl*

Tee Hee Girl:  There!  I played pretend and acted exactly like the Mighty Mistress and told him everything you told me to say!  Tee hee!  Do I get a cookie?

Dark Damsel:  Not a single one!  I told you already.  You can have your cookie once I have the privileges.  Do I make myself clear, miss?

Pampered Princess:  Quiet!  I’m trying to watch the pretty pony show!

Tinkertantrum:  Yeah!  Tee hee!  Quiet!   I love the pretty ponies!

Dark Damsel:  Let’s go elsewhere and let them watch their show.  (I need to keep the pampered one happy.  She’s the one that’s funding this whole lair!)

*Dark Damsel walks out of the room into a long hallway*

Diffidentina:  G-g-go away!  Tee hee!  I’m s-s-scared…

Dark Damsel:  Diffidentina, there’s no need to be shy.  Oh, never mind.  That’s your superpower.  Be shy all you want, dear.

Diffidentina:  But I’m scared!

Dark Damsel:  We’re almost there, dear. We’re going to talk in my private chamber.

Tee Hee Girl:  Why?

Dark Damsel:  I want to keep the other girls happy.  Now, it’s through this door!

*Dark Damsel leads Tee Hee Girl into a large and lavish room, filled with purple and crimson colors*

Tee Hee Girl:  Can you make it fast?

Dark Damsel:  And why is that?

Tee Hee Girl:  I wanna watch the pony show too!  Tee hee!

Dark Damsel: It’s recording, so you can watch it anytime you want, dear.  I even put a TV in your room, just for you.  You can watch all the pony show you want when you finish your chore.  Now be a good little girl and let me talk.

Tee Hee Girl:  Am I going to be called Tee Hee Girl 2?  There’s already a Tee Hee Girl!  Tee Hee!

Dark Damsel:  No.  You’re just going to be assimilated into the original Tee Hee Girl.  This will be done once we upgrade her superpowers. (If I can only get that pampered brat to buy that expensive machine!)

Tee Hee Girl:  Can I do my chore?  Tee hee!

Dark Damsel:  You can, once you know what it is, dear.  Now listen.  I want you to go talk to Demini and ask her if you can borrow her superpowers.

Tee Hee Girl:  What if she says no?

Dark Damsel:  Don’t worry about that, my dear!  If she says yes, I will give her a cookie!  Now be a good little girl and ask her, okay?

Tee Hee Girl:  Yes Miss Dark Damsel!  Tee hee!

Dark Damsel:  Oh, and Demini is in her room.  It’s a rather strange place, but she wanted it that way.  Run along now…

Tee Hee Girl:  Okay!  Tee hee…

*Tee Hee Girl leaves Dark Damsel’s room and continues down hallway, and seeing a bright flash of light coming from one of the doors*

Tee Hee Girl:  Tee hee!  Shiny light!  Demini! Are you in here?

Demini:  Yes I am!  Tee hee!

Tee Hee Girl:  Can I come in?

Demini:  Yes!  Come in!  Tee Hee!

*door mysteriously swings open,  sucking Tee Hee Girl in like a vacuum*

*door immediately closes*

Tee Hee Girl:  Where is the floor?  AHHHH!!!

Demini: Here.  Let me help you!  Tee hee!

*Demini flashes, making wings appear on Tee Hee Girl*

Tee Hee Girl:  Thanks!  Tee hee!  Why is there no floor in your room?

Demini:  I like lots of space with clouds and yummy light!  Tee hee!  Look at the light!  It is so yummy!

Tee Hee Girl:  Demini, can I borrow your superpowers?  Tee hee!

Demini:  Why would you want my superpowers?  I wouldn’t be able to fly or eat yummy light!  Tee hee!

Tee Hee Girl:  Miss Dark Damsel told me to ask you.  If you gave me your superpowers, she will give you a yummy cookie!  Tee hee!

Demini:  Will this cookie be filled with yummy light?  Tee hee!

Tee Hee Girl:  It will!  Tee hee!  Can I have them?

Demini:  Will you give them back?

Tee Hee Girl:  I will!  Tee Hee!  I just need to finish my chore!

Demini:  Your chore?  I have already finished mine.  Promise that you will give them back when you’re done!  Tee hee!

Tee Hee Girl:  I promise!  Tee hee!

*Demini flashes brightly, as the clouds, sky, and all of her powers are absorbed into Tee Hee Girl*

Tee Hee Girl:  I feel it!  I suddenly crave yummy light now!  Why is that?  Tee hee!

Demini:  It’s ‘cause you have my powers now.  Tee hee!

Tee Hee Girl:  Your room has a floor now!

Demini:  Don’t worry about that.  I’ll redecorate my room when I have my powers back.  Tee hee!  Don’t forget about your promise!

Tee Hee Girl:  I won’t!  Tee hee!

*Tee Hee Girl flies out of Demini’s room and back into the Dark Damsel’s room*

Tee Hee Girl:  I got them!  What do I do with her powers?  Tee hee!

Dark Damsel:  Good girl!  Now, I want you to go into Kyle’s room while he’s sleeping.   Use Demini’s superpowers to absorb the Master’s Privileges into you.  It will be a yummy snack!

Tee Hee Girl:  I like yummy snacks!  Tee hee!  Wait!  What if I can’t eat it?

Dark Damsel:  I don’t think that you’ll have a problem with that.  You are a supervillain with more than one superpower.  Ordinary powers would not work on stealing the Master’s Privileges, but you have superpowers!  Now go and get them for me!

Tee Hee Girl:  After that, can I have my cookie?

Dark Damsel:  Yes dear!  I give you  your cookie.  But privileges first!  Hurry!

*Tee Hee Girl begins to fly upward but stops*

Tee Hee Girl:  Wait!

Dark Damsel:  What now?

Tee Hee Girl:  Do you want me to play pretend again and be the Mighty Mistress?

Dark Damsel:  Yes dear.  But wait until you’re right outside his room.  Off you go!

Tee Hee Girl:  I’m off!  Tee hee!

*Tee Hee Girl flies into the sky and towards Kyle’s house*

Tee Hee Girl:  There.  Tee hee!  Time to enter…

*Tee Hee Girl flashes and transforms into Mighty Mistress*

Muse:  (whispering) There we go.  I’m now in his house.  I’m sorry, Kyle.  But I really need those privileges…To help the Lethal Lady League!

*Muse quietly opens door and approaches Kyle’s bed*

Muse (thinking):  There.  Now to absorb his Master’s Privileges.  Yes!  It’s working!

*Muse flashes brightly, quickly teleporting out of the room*

*Muse appears a good distance away from Kyle’s house, transforms back into Tee Hee Girl and begins flying into the sky*

Tee Hee Girl: So…YUMMY!!!!!!  Tee hee!

*Tee Hee Girl flashes brightly as she flies back to the Lethal Lady League lair*

Tee Hee Girl:  Time to give them back.  Tee hee!

*Tee Hee Girl flies down hallway into Dimini’s room*

Tee Hee Girl:  Here’s your superpowers back!  Tee hee!  You can have the original.  I made a copy!

*Tee Hee Girl blasts Demini with a bright beam of light*

Demini:  Thanks!  Tee hee!  That was yummy!  How did you make a copy of my superpowers?

Tee Hee Girl:  I have these yummy Master’s Privileges.  Tee hee!  I can’t keep them though.  Miss Dark Damsel wants them…

Demini:  Okay!  I won’t bother you until you finish your errand.  Let me know when you’re done so I can have my yummy light cookie!  Tee hee!

Tee Hee Girl:  Okay!  Be right back!  Tee hee!

*Tee Hee Girl flies out of Demini’s room and flashes brightly, making her wings disappear before entering the Dark Damsel’s room*

Tee Hee Girl:  I got them!  Tee hee!  I got them!  Can I have my cookie now?

Dark Damsel:  Excellent job, my dear!  First the privileges.  Then the cookie.

*Tee Hee Girl blasts Dark Damsel with a beam of energy*

Dark Damsel:  Mwa ha ha ha ha ha ha!!!!  I can feel it!  The power coursing through my veins!  You did an excellent job, dearie!

Tee Hee Girl: Can I have a cookie?   Tee hee!

Dark Damsel:  Cookie?    Not just one, dear!  You can have all the cookies you want!  Demini too!  Tell her for me, dear.

Demini:  I heard that!  Tee hee!

Dark Damsel:  Demini?  Come in!  Get your yummy light cookies!  And Tee Hee Girl, my dear, here’s yours.

*Tee Hee Girl and Demini grab all the cookies that they can hold and leave the room*

Demini:  Thanks for getting the chore done!  I got all these yummy cookies thanks to you!  Tee hee!

Tee Hee Girl:  You’re welcome!  Tee hee!

*Demini flies back into her room*

*Tee Hee Girl glances around and flashes brightly, making her wings reappear, and then quickly flies into her room that the Dark Damsel prepared for her*

Tee Hee Girl:  I didn’t tell her  Tee hee, but I have my own yummy Master’s Privileges!

*meanwhile, in the Dark Damsel’s room*

Dark Damsel:  Kyle’s Muse, or should I say, the new Tee Hee Girl did an excellent job!  With these privileges, I can now set Beastra free!  Tee hee hee hee hee!!!