Me & My Muse – Day 800B: Tipping the Scales

I sat on my bed, waiting for my Muse to begin her next transformation.  Like always, her body underwent a series of flashes.  This was the typical routine that I have always seen whenever she transforms into something new.  Every 100 days, like clockwork, she has transformed into something new.  Right on schedule to the day, without missing a beat.  In the past, her transformations were great and amazing, but not all of them were.  Just like her amazing transformations, some were not that amazing.  Even during the periods where her transformations were excellent, her dark counterpart was ready to corrupt them.  The counterpart was a paradox; a Dark One resembling her doppelganger.  A bratty child portraying a perfect clone of my Muse’s DNA.  An idea that nobody wanted without a place in the world.  One that was determined to exist, which created the darkest chapter in my Muse’s history.  And if that wasn’t enough, her existence triggered one of the worst transformations that my Muse ever experienced: The Evil Muse.

My Muse continued flashing, her body calm and still.  She remained quiet, breathing in and out, remaining in her comatose state.  What will she be this time?  The terrible idea?  A spoiled brat? Completely shy and insecure?  A wonderful woman of God?  A magical fairy?  Completely evil with the intent to enslave and destroy?  A angelic being that’s totally uncomfortable in my Muse’s own body?  She was all of these before, so it would make sense that she would transform into something different this time.  All I hoped is that she would not become something much worse…

The flash got more and more intense.  This is when I knew that the form has been decided.  Watching carefully, I watched, as the flashing continued.  The intense flash remained, as I watched her change into…nothing.  What?  She looked no different than before.  Is there an end to the cycle of transformations?  Is she finally free from it at last?

The flashes stopped, as I watched my Muse awaken as her same self as before.

My Muse sat up on her bed and yawned.  “So, what am I?”  she asked me.

“You tell me!”  I told her.  “You don’t look any different…”

I glanced around, carefully looking at her body, trying to find one thing different about her.  But there was nothing.  Everything was the same.

I carefully glanced at her stomach and that’s when I noticed it.  There was a tiny bulge there.

My Muse, with a bored stare, looked at me funny.  “What?”  she questioned me.  “What are you looking at?”

“I just noticed something in your stomach.” I told her, pointing at it.  “Are you pregnant?”

My Muse’s face reddened.  “No!” she shouted.  “I just had a little snack before I fell asleep.  There is no baby in there.  I guarantee it!”

“Maybe a food baby.”  I grinned.

My Muse jabbed me in the shoulder.  “That’s not funny.” she told me.  “You should never make fun of a woman’s weight.  Especially an Intangible woman.”

“I’m sorry.”  I told her.  “I didn’t know that you couldn’t take a joke.”

My Muse shrugged her shoulders.  “Well, I didn’t change into anything this time.  Maybe there is an end to this cycle, or something.  Can you leave the room?  Good night, Kyle!

“What?”  I asked her.  “You’re not going back to your house inside my head?  You’re just staying at this tower?”

My Muse nodded.  “I like this bed.” she told me.  “It’s the most comfortable bed I ever slept in.”  She stared at me more impatiently.  “Good night, Kyle!”

Out of respect for her,  I nodded.  “Well, I’m sorry that you didn’t change into anything either.  I’ll let you rest here.  Good night, Muse!”

I took the tower to the 1st floor and left it.  I crossed the field and went back through the door, leaving my Muse to sleep in the 800th floor of the Tower of Muses by herself.

Well, that’s weird.  Is there really no transformation?  There was a bulge in her stomach that I didn’t notice before.  With a little exercise and healthier food, I’m sure that she can get rid of that no problem.

With this day coming to an end, let the next 100 begin!  I don’t know what will be celebrated since she has no definite form this time.  Maybe the cycle of transformations has finally reached its end…




Muse (glancing in a mirror):  Now that he mentioned it,  I do notice a little bulge in my stomach.  Let’s see…I still weigh 115.  Maybe it’s nothing.  Maybe I’m overreacting.  Anyway, I’m hungry!  Time for chips and ice cream!

*Muse eats chips and ice cream, with her stomach beginning to bulge more*