Me & My Muse – Day 435: Fall Preview

With fall in just one week, it is time for a fall reboot.

Since my promotion in July, I have seen a radical change in my energy level, and the amount of free time that I have at my disposal.

To address my efforts to correct this imbalance, I am rebooting the system.  Of course, the system that I am referring to is my body.

In being more than a third through this Me & My Muse cycle already, there are still several issues that I want to discuss.  Some of them being very controversial issues.   On the side, there is also that story update that you have all been waiting for.

The challenge at hand for me right now is finding the best time to make these updates.  For if they are not made at the necessary time, the result is a much shorter entry that doesn’t add much value to this site.  The brevity of these recent entries can be compared elsewhere, making them almost on par with Twitter.

So when would the best time be?  If the window is not achieved, I end up being tired at the end of the day.  With this becoming more and more inevitable, I need a way to harness more energy.  Coffee and energy drinks accomplish nothing, as they only provide a temporary boost of energy and alertness.  They guarantee at least 3 to 5 hours, but then the crash begins.  The reserves are drained and I end up feeling tired…

The only other method to increase energy then, is exercise.  Aerobics and running would increase my energy capacity.  It’s like getting a fuel efficient car with a larger tank.  With this extra energy, it would assist me in my increased work load and would meet the demands of my daily activities.  This blog being one of them, with my novel being the other one.

Getting that whole matter off the table, it is time to move forward.  If you are just leafing through the text, here is the short version.  After getting promoted, I don’t have a lot of time to leave decent posts on this site.  Leaving daily posts has become a time issue, with the matter arising regarding what time of day I should leave them.  Energy is an issue, with temporary solutions like coffee being ineffective, and a more healthy permanent solution like exercise being pursued.

With the rambling aside, it’s time to get started with this day.  I have an appointment in an hour.  I am meeting my grandparents at a restaurant for breakfast.  After that, I have a Toastmasters meeting tonight.  With my day off, I will use it to rearrange my priorities in order to meet the demands of my strenuous work schedule.  Balancing these priorities are my goal, and I am determined to achieve it.


Muse:  You will.

I know.  It’s a given.

Muse:  It is, but I’ve been praying for you.

You have?  Thank you.  Keep praying.  To add to the list, the priorities that I need to rearrange include my deeper spiritual matters.  Matters that I have no problem explaining to any one of you.

Muse:  He’s referring to his relationship with God, and how he’s determined to ensure that the relationship is strong.

She’s correct.  God should always be at the top.  Everything else should be rearranged downward.

Muse:  He should?  While I totally agree with you, others may not.  This is only the surface of the controversy that you mentioned.

It is.  I have no shame in sharing my relationship with God to everyone.  And really, it’s not just him, but Jesus.

Muse:   Yes.  He is the Way.  And without Him, no one could even reach God.

Consider that a sample.  When the reboot is fully underway,  these topics will be discussed in their entirety.

Muse:  Come by the prayer room later.  I know that you have time.

I will.  I need to get ready now.

Muse:  So do I.  Time for some coffee!


So we have the reboot, my breakfast with my grandparents and a Toastmasters meeting later on.  After the breakfast, I will work on my story some more.

Today’s high is going to be 63 degrees and the silver lining is having this day off to refresh and reboot.

To those of you who like having days of rest, I hope that you all have a fantastic day.


Muse:  I look forward to the fall reboot.  I’ve been waiting to discuss those topics with him for such a long time!  Get prepared, viewers!  You are in for a ride…