Me & My Muse – Day 400b: The Second Birth

I sat there and watched my Muse flash, like so many times in the past.  Although it may not have happened many times, it has happened enough times to feel like a lot.  What will my Muse become this time?  Something better?  Something worse?  I certainly hope that she doesn’t become something terrible.

Already, my Muse has experienced three different forms.  First, she took on her original form.  After that, she was a Spoiled Rich Muse, which was totally annoying to deal with.  When that was done, she became a really Shy Muse, which became a bother because she didn’t want to have anything to do with me, due to her lack of confidence…My anxiety increased with every second.   She could very well become something much worse.  Judging from the pattern, she’s bound to transform into something even more unbearable.  I closed my eyes, hoping that I was wrong.

I opened them again.  My Muse was flashing even more intensely.  The transformation was beginning.  A series of flashes began enveloping her in light, like a cocoon of light that covered her body.  The flashes increased, all concentrating around the brightening cocoon.  Brighter and brighter it became, until it burst open.

And the Muse that stepped out was…beautiful.  She was dressed in a white dress.  Everything was white, including the slippers that she wore.  Around her neck was a gold cross necklace, with the pennant fastened by tiny golden chains.  The cross pennant dangled loosely around her neck, as if to point to the ground.  Her face was radiant, with a joyful expression on her face.  Her eyes were wide, which reflected the sweetest form of innocence.

She approached me and held out her hand, as if I were a guest invited to the dance floor.  “Don’t be afraid,” she told me, as if she could sense the fear in my face.  “I have seen seen it myself, and it is good.”

“Seen what?” I asked her.

“Heaven, of course!” she beamed with delight.  “It is a place where there is no crying and no tears.  There is no suffering.  The order of such things have passed away.”

My worry deepened, and I choked.  “Are you…an angel?”

My Muse maintained her smile and shook her head.  “No.  Not at all.  I have seen him.  I am lost, but now I am found.  I was blind, but now I can see.  I was dead, but now I am alive.”

I gasped.  “So are you…”

“Yes.” she interrupted me in a burst of excitement.  “I am born again.  I am a Christian.  I have seen the Lord and now I pledge to follow him daily.”

I stood there, frozen in shock.  Can something made of pure imagination really become saved like that?  “So you have seen him?” I asked her.

“Yes.” she answered.  “I saw Jesus.  He was right there in Heaven.  He is waiting for you.”

“He is?” I gasped.

“He is waiting for everyone on earth.” she told me.  “Everyone must complete their mission.  Those who know him will hear his voice.  Those who don’t will not hear him, and will be reserved for the place of judgment.”

“But isn’t he coming?” I asked her.

“He is,” she told me, “But some will get there early.  For those who are still here, he will return.  Judgment will begin with the world, and will end with every single person, good or bad.  Righteous or wicked.  Wise or foolish.  The righteous will be judged by Christ, but the righteous have already been bought by his blood.  All past sins will not be accounted for, as his blood has washed them all away.

“As for the wicked, they will be judged by God on the Great White Throne.  All the books will be opened and their deeds will be read out loud.  Every one of them from beginning to end.  Because they have refused to believe in the name of Jesus and have rejected him, there is nothing that can save them from the terrible judgment that is reserved for them all.  The book of life will be opened, but none of their names will be found in it.  And they will thrown into the lake of fire, where the pain and torment will never end.  They will be eternally separated from God forever.”

I smiled, and hugged my Muse.  “Thank you for not being something terrible,” I told her.  “I am not a perfect person.  No one is.  But sometimes…”

My Muse nodded, as if she knew what I was going to say next.  “Do not be afraid, Kyle.” she told me.  “God has revealed to me what is in your heart, and I am going to help you with that.”

I nodded.  “Thank you.”

My Muse gave me a tight embrace and gave me a reassuring look.  “It will be alright.” she told me.  “He knows what you are thinking.  I am here to set an example for you and everyone else that reads this.  Listen and obey.  Do what he says.  I will be there for you.  I will pray for you…”

I smirked.  I liked the idea but this was an imaginary character that was going to pray for me.  This would be no different then if a cartoon character were to take the same endeavor.  Does God hear the prayers of those who are imagined?  He hears the prayers of those who are real and virtuous, but what about figments of our imagination?  To clarify this, we need to understand that all things imaginary come from us.  We are the creators of these characters, so these characters are made from fragments of who we are.  So in effect, we are providing ourselves with another away at which these requests to God are to be made.  And while this way may seem different, it is really the same.  Instead of praying to God directly, we dictate our actions to a character that make the same actions that we would make ourselves.

My Muse grinned.  “Of course God hears me.  You made me, so essentially, you would be making the same requests yourself.  So I will pray for you.  I will pray that you will walk really close to Him as I am.  I’ll see you tomorrow…”

And just like that, my Muse vanished.  She vanished in a radiant beam of light, right back into my head.

Having seen this for myself, I am both surprised and relieved.  My Muse is now a Christian.  A genuine one that I adore.  A Muse that loves the Lord and fears Him.  A Muse that is a bondservant of Christ that serves Him with all her heart.  A Muse that has been washed with the blood of Jesus and boldly exalts His name, extends His reign, enhances His fame, increases His gain and magnifies His claim.  She has experienced the supremacy of Christ and is now sharing that with me and all those who are willing to hear.

So the transition is from a shy Muse to a Christian Muse.  From what I have seen, this is going to be a fun 100 days.  This 100 days will be life changing.  I feel like this could be something big, but only if He wills it…

Having that said, the 100 days are about to begin, and I will be looking forward to every minute of it.