Me & My Muse – Day 401: An Unplanned Day and a Muse of Virtue

Where do I even begin?  Today was one of those days where the unpredictable happened.

When I was working my morning shift, it happened.  Someone couldn’t work their shift and it needed to be covered.  I ended up covering their shift, increasing my day from five hours to nine.  After that, it happened again.  One of the managers couldn’t couldn’t come in so a replacement needed to be made.  While all this was going on, I was still trying to get around how I was going to get through the longer shift.

To make a long story short,  I survived.  A long shift like that is good for my manager muscle, and it only increases the strength of it with each additional one.  After another month, I should be well broken in for the long hours that management has to face on a regular basis.


Muse:  Rough day?

You could say that.  It was long and tedious.

Muse:  Relax.  That day was given to you for a reason.  God wanted to test you to see how you fared.

Hopefully well.  Everything got done, right?

Muse:  I was watching you today.  You seem a little unhappy.

I really don’t want to share it.  I need to consider the audience and how they would react to my true feelings about this day.

Muse:  I know how you’re feeling.  I will pray for you.

Please do.  I know that God has given me enough tests for today.

Muse:  I see it.  Your face.  You want to be alone?

I do.  You’re good at reading me.

Muse:  It’s a gift that God gave me.  The gift of discernment.  I will begin praying for you.  Don’t lose heart!


Thank you.  My new Muse is going to be great.  She may be Intangible, but she’s a genuine Christian now.

To clarify what she said to me,  this is a matter that I’m not going to discuss here.  All I’m going to say is that I’m not in the best mood today.  Since I have already said that there will be no more rants on this blog, I am going to cut this entry short for your benefit.  I want this blog to stay positive, and I want to keep all my negative emotions in a private setting.  Thank you for your understanding, and I hope to be in a much more upbeat mood tomorrow.

The high for today is going to be 76 degrees and the silver lining is being able to enjoy everything that this evening has to offer.

To those of you who have ever experienced a day where the unplanned and unthinkable happens, I hope that you all have a fantastic day.


Muse:  God,  please heal Kyle’s heart and his soul.  Help him with his mood and help him to see the more positive things that you have in store for him.  Lord Jesus, please hear my prayer!