Me & My Muse – Day 372: Mandatory Fun

Are we having fun yet?  Because it’s mandatory now!

Okay.  I’m not quite permitted to have fun yet.  I actually have to practice a speech in Toastmasters about Chairman Al Yankovic and how awesome of a leader he is.   All right!!  I’m just joking.  My speech is a High Performance Leadership project, where I present the results of my Club Coaching for Saginaw Harvey Spaulding.  I will listen to Mandatory Fun after I get back from the Toastmasters meeting tonight.

Until then, I am shutting myself out from every nuance of the media, so that they don’t spoil any of the album.


Muse?  Hello?  She must really not be feeling well.  I better go check on her…

*teleports to the realm of imagination and approaches door to Original Muse’s house*

Hmm…It’s locked.  Hello?  *knocks on door*  Hello?  It’s me!  Kyle!

Original Muse:  G-go away!  I’m not feeling well!

I know that.  I just want to enter.

Original Muse:  Y-y-you can’t!  You’ll…catch my cold…

Nonsense.  You’re Intangible.  I can’t catch the same colds that you can.

Original Muse: W-what if the cold becomes Tangible?  T-then you can catch it…

Just let me in, okay?

Original Muse:  No.  Go away.  Let me rest.

Fine.  I’ll unlock it myself.

*unlocks door with executive privileges*

*Original Muse re-locks door*

Stop it.  *unlocks door again*

Original Muse:  Go away!  *re-locks door again*

*unlocks door*

*Original Muse re-locks door*

*unlocks door*

*Original Muse re-locks door*

*unlocks door*

*Original Muse re-locks door*

*unlocks door*

*Original Muse re-locks door*

ENOUGH!  *unlocks door and barges through*

Original Muse:  EEEEEEEK!!!!

*Original Muse runs inside her room and slams the door*

You know what?  I don’t think that you’re sick at all.  But I believe that something worse has happened to you.  Open up.

Original Muse:  No.

I figured you would say that.  *uses executive privileges to walk through the door*

Original Muse:  *gets on bed and crouches into a fetal position* L-l-leave me alone!

Let me guess.  You are becoming shy, right?

Original Muse:  …

And you’re not going to tell me because you’re too shy to tell me, right?

Original Muse:  Ugh…Panic attack…can’t take it…

*Original Muse passes out, her body swooning and her legs becoming limp*

She passed out!  I need to get her inside her bed…

*grabs Original Muse’s limp body, which causes it to convulse in large spasms*

Oh no…She is starting to make a mess.  I better wash her bedding before I put her in it…

Original Muse:  Huh?  *gasps*  Oh no!  *sobs*  GO AWAY!!!!

Whoa…I just felt a strong drain in confidence.  I’m glad that I have that unshakable confidence….

Original Muse:  GET OUT!!!!

*gets teleported outside the Realm of Imagination*

What?  Impossible!  She nearly drained my unshakable confidence…I have just a little bit left.  I better go find Remedy…

How did my Muse become shy?  I know that she was in that Shy Muse for a while, but she was just a ghost…

That’s it!  Now that she has a real body, the side effects from being inside that Muse are starting to affect her.  I better resolve this.  It seems like she is more powerful than the other Muse, if she can already drain my unshakable confidence.  I would’ve been completely helpless if I was there any longer.

I’ll talk with Remedy about this today.  Maybe he can think of a solution…

Today’s high is going to be 65 degrees and the silver lining is being able to listen to Mandatory Fun.

To those of you who like new album releases, I hope that you all have a fantastic day.


Muse:  That Muse.  It seems like we have something in common.  Maybe I should be her friend?  I’m definitely inviting her over…


Original Muse:  *sobs* What’s happening to me?  I’ve never felt this way before.  It’s like I don’t have the confidence to speak to him anymore.  Why?  Wait!  I know.  He doesn’t like me!  He doesn’t want to be my friend!  That’s it!

*confidence void begins to grow exponentially inside the Original Muse’s heart*