Me & My Muse – Day 334: Vampires

Wait!  Why am I talking about vampires in June?  Shouldn’t something like this wait until October?  I’m glad that you asked.

The reason that I am talking about vampires so early is this.  The pizza pit is a vampire.

I looked at my schedule.  I am working six days out of the week!  Every ounce of my energy is being siphoned out, and is pumped into Count Pizza Dracula.  Only the mantra is a little different.  “I vant to suck your time!  Ah ha ha ha!”  That’s 26 hours I’ll be spending there.

How many hours will I be spending today?  Seven.  It’s not eight.  I checked with the manager last night.  While it looked like that I was going to work a noon to 8, it’s actually a 2 to 9, which is still a crazy amount of hours to make minimum wage.

Okay.  Negativity is over.  As I said before, I am tired of being negative.  As with each day that passes by, there’s got to be at least something good to be found in all the craziness that is work, and feeding all the graduation crowd.  Find the good in the bad.  There’s always something better to find in the horizon.  I mean, every cloud must have a silver lining, right?

In my pursuit to desperately seek out the good in the not so desirable circumstances, this is something that I will definitely be praying about.  God, help me to find the good in the bad.  Help me to not get stressed out at work.   Help me to not get crushed by the daily grind of the relentless gears of this thing called life.

Cause ain’t it fun?  Living in the real world.  I think it is.  I want to run through ten banners.  I want to blindfold myself and carry a handful of stuffed animals, running backwards for 30 feet.  And I won’t go crying to my mama.   Because I’m on my own in the real world.

So Count Pizza Dracula can try his worst on me, trying to suck the precious lifeblood of hours from me.  But I’m determined to find something better.  To find the good in the bad.  To eventually rise above it all with that stake of full-time employment.  And then, it will be monthly salaries, not bi-weekly paychecks.  It will be paid by the year, not by the hour.  But until I get there, I’m looking for the sun.  That glint of light that will shine forth my way into the future.


Ghost Muse:  You have a long day?

Indeed.  I’m already looking forward to Tuesday.  But I’m determined.  There’s got to be something good that I can find in today.  There’s just got to!

Ghost Muse:  You will find it.  Don’t worry about the seven hours.  Just look for the light.

The light shines among me.  God is that light and he will help me to shine today.

Ghost Muse:  There you go.  I’m going to have breakfast.  Good luck with the “vampire”.


Thanks.  But it’s not so bad.  Really.  Vampires aren’t so bad once you know how to deal with them.  Now if you would excuse me,  I have some goodness to find…

Today’s high is going to be 83 degrees and the silver lining is being able to smile in the midst of life’s circumstances.

To those of you who have to deal with your own “vampires”, I hope that you all have a fantastic day.


Muse:  Almost done.  There’s a few more things that I want to say, and then the closing…