Me & My Muse – Day 312: A Roller Coaster Ride

And I better put on my sweater for this one!

Now I know what you are thinking.  Why would I wear a sweater on a roller coaster?  If you were to look at the temperature today, you would know why.  And why am I talking about roller coasters?  If I were to tell you that the roller coaster that I am talking about is not a real one, you would probably be more than disappointed.

While I don’t plan on riding on any roller coasters this summer (the truth is I’m broke), today has definitely felt like one.  Pulling out of the station, I am whisked away to my grandparent’s house to mow the lawn.  After that, the first lift hill.  A lunch meeting at a restaurant in town, discussing the fate of a Toastmasters club.  And then, heading down the hill at breakneck speeds, I will be hanging on for dear life, surviving all the twists and turns of my four-hour Friday shift at the pizza pit.  After that, the coaster rounds the last turn, and…the ride’s not over.  There is one more monstrous lift hill to go up.  And just like that, compressed air escapes, sending me flying up and down the super steep hill at breakneck speeds.  Through a two-hour Godzilla movie.  And after that, the ride finally pulls into the station.  I stagger off and collapse into my bed, falling asleep in mere seconds.

I almost forgot to mention something that I learned last night.  While it had nothing to do with roller coasters, it was basically about search engine optimization.  While I haven’t given it much thought,  one person told me to give it a try.  This person went through the trouble of researching the benefits of SEO, and told me how important it would be for my website.  He also gave me some other helpful advice.  Mighty nice of him, huh?

Taking that into consideration, I will definitely do this.  I will open a tumblr account and get my blog seen in more places than one.  That’s one place to grow, right?


Hmm…I probably shouldn’t visit that Muse today, considering what happened when I visited her before.  It won’t really accomplish anything.  She will just keep hiding…

Now, I need to get going.  My bus for work should be arriving any minute.

Today’s high is going to be 54 degrees and the silver lining is seeing Godzilla tonight.

To those of you who love seeing blockbusters on their opening day, I hope that you all have a fantastic day.


Muse:  Kyle still not around?  Good.  Tee hee!  You are so funny.  Why this funny?  We think that it is!  But we scared…Why are you scared?  You are such a fun friend to be with!  We are glad.  Tee hee….