Me & My Muse – Day 311: A Little Shy

On those days that you have off, do you ever get the feeling that you’re extremely busy?

For me, I believe that this is happening to me today.  It’s either that, or I’m starting to feel the stress.  I have a Toastmasters meeting to go to tonight.  I will be leaving for that in a little less than three hours.

I am also trying to juggle two different activities tomorrow.  If dad can get the lawnmower working, I will be mowing my grandparents lawn tomorrow.  Coincidentally, this is the same day that I have agreed to meet some people in town to discuss the future of a struggling Toastmasters club.  Depending on whether or not I cut the lawn, that is where I will have that person meet me – whether that’s home or my grandparents.  From there, I will be dropped off at home for the bus to take me to work.  Following work, I will be watching Godzilla with my brother. I will then be collapsing on my bed, finally being able to exhale after holding my breath all day.

As far as this meeting goes….


Ghost Muse:  Kyle!

What?  I’m busy!

Ghost Muse:  I’m sorry that you are, but can you spare a few minutes?

I can spare a few…wait a minute!  What are you doing here?

Ghost Muse:  Enjoying my freedom.  Kyle…it was terrible!  I was trapped inside that shy Muse!  She wouldn’t let me go!

Let me guess.  You lacked the confidence to escape.

Ghost Muse:  Yes!  I wanted to escape but I couldn’t!

And let me guess again.  The Dark Muse had a part to play in your escape, right?

Ghost Muse:  Right again!  At the moment she entered, she had full control over the Muse.  I used that opportunity to escape while I still could!

How are you doing?  It must have been terrible being trapped inside that shy Muse…

Ghost Muse:  *sob* I hated it!  Every ounce of confidence that I could muster was drained from me!  I wanted to move but I couldn’t…All I could do was cry…

I hope that she hasn’t infected you in any way.  How do you feel right now?

Ghost Muse:  I feel fine!  I feel more confident than I have ever been in days!

Good.  You’re free now.  But that Dark Muse…

Ghost Muse:  Her control over the shy Muse won’t last very long.  In fact, I strongly think that the shy Muse has already drained every ounce of confidence she has.

Wonderful.  A shy Muse was hard enough.  But a shy Dark Muse?  That’s like a shy child!

Ghost Muse:  Actually, a shy five-year old…

That’s still considered a child.  I wonder how she’s faring?

Ghost Muse:  Kyle, I wouldn’t go and see her.  You’ll lose your confidence!

No I won’t.  My confidence is unshakable.  Remedy gave me a fountain of confidence that will never run dry.

Ghost Muse:  Okay.  I will get some unshakable confidence from Remedy and go with you.

You won’t.  To be safe, I would stay away from her.  I will go alone.

Ghost Muse:  I think I will stay away from her.  After being trapped inside her, I think I’m going to change my mind…

Thank you.  You stay here.  I will see how she’s doing.

Ghost Muse:  Good luck!

Thank you.  Time to see how she’s doing…

*teleports inside the Realm of Imagination and enters Muse’s house*

Cute.  Toys are all over the place and scattered around the room.  I guess she isn’t that shy when no one’s around.

*a faint gasp is heard*

What was that?

*a quick set of footsteps is heard, and then the sound of the door slamming*

It’s her!

*runs down the hallway to the bedroom and opens door*


Muse:  *gasp*

Where are you?  There you are!  Right on the bed…

Muse:  *gasp*  *Muse hides underneath the covers*  Tee hee…

Your feet are sticking out!

*grabs Muse’s feet, which squirm loose when Muse crawls deeper underneath the covers*

Come on. I won’t hurt you…

*pulls off covers, revealing the Muse*

Muse:  *lets out a deep gasp and looks away*

Oh great…your pajamas and bedding are soaked.  You’re starting to make a mess…

Muse:  *gasps*  Tee hee…  *Muse gets up and runs out of the room*

Come back!

*runs after Muse, and finds her sitting in the corner of the hallway, sucking her thumb*

Come on.  I won’t hurt you…

*Muse crosses her legs, lowers her head and covers her face with her hands*

She thinks that I can’t see her.  Hello!  I’m still here, but I won’t hurt you!  I promise!

*Muse uses her Intangible magic to make herself invisible*

Great.  Now I can’t see her…

Muse:  …Tee hee…

*a bright flash fills the entire room*

Man…My confidence…It’s a good thing that I still have plenty…

*gets teleported outside the Realm of Imagination*

Well, that didn’t accomplish anything.

Ghost Muse:  So, what happened?

She sent me back here.

Ghost Muse:  Did she say anything?

Not a word.  As a child, she is extremely shy.  Even more shy than she was as an adult…

Ghost Muse:  What about “tee hee”?

That’s about all she said.  Besides that, she didn’t say a word.  All she wanted to do was hide from me…

Ghost Muse:  We have to do something!  For once, I actually feel sorry for that Dark Muse…

I can’t believe that I just heard you say that.

Ghost Muse:  Who can blame her?  She had no idea what she was getting into…

Should we try to get her out?

Ghost Muse:  We should.  I’ll talk to Remedy about it.  I’m sorry that I took more than a few minutes.  Bye!


It’s okay.  I now must get going.  Time is of the essence.

Today’s high is going to be 53 degrees and the silver lining is attending tonight’s Toastmasters meeting.

To those of you who have evening activities, I hope that you all have a fantastic day.


Muse:  Kyle scary…But he gone now…relax…Tee hee!  You talk funny.  But good friend for me.  If he visits us again, we will hide.  He will never find us.  Tee hee….

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