Me & My Muse – Day 171: Short and Sweet 26 – No Christmas Recap?

To understand this reason, I will summarize.  I shoveled a ton of snow today with hard snow that would make diamonds look like wet tissue.  After that, I got ready and took it easy, since I had an enormous headache.  I then worked at the pizza pit.  I picked up dinner with my brother and brought it home.  I ate the dinner.  The dinner, you ask?  It was Thai Chicken Curry from Asian Express.  I volunteered to bring dinner home for the family and this is what I got for them.  The only other person who got the curry was my brother, and his was with shrimp.  The rest of the family got other dishes.

Now, I’m staring at a screen which consists of the summary that I just shared with you.  Am I really going to share with you my Christmas recap at almost 8:30 at night?  I want to relax.  I am tired and I’m burnt out.  The recap will be tomorrow, since I won’t have any snow to shovel.

Today’s high was 25 degrees and the silver lining was having Thai Curry tonight.

To all of you who enjoyed their Christmas, I hope that you all have a good day.  Or night, since I don’t see the sun anywhere….


Muse:  No recap?  That’s okay.  I still have a lot of my gifts to sort.  Time to finish doing that….