Me & My Muse go to the movies – #3: I’m in Love With a Church Girl

Having just gotten back from the movie,  I would have to say that I really enjoyed the movie.  Now this is a movie that is considered to be underrated.  I give it this name because of the low box office sales.  Despite this , I thought that it was a good movie, and deserved a lot more credit than what people give it.  We are talking about High Top Releasing’s  I’m in Love With a Church Girl, a movie starring Ja Rule?


Muse:  That’s correct.  I was surprised when I saw that, too.

But Ja Rule is this rapper!  I always remember hearing about him in high school, but I never really listened to his stuff….

Muse:  Then why did you see this movie?

It was the title.  I was curious how Ja Rule would portray the role.

Muse:  From what I got from seeing it, this is definitely a Christian movie.

I know.  I was greatly surprised.  I actually knew that it was, considering my research on the movie.

Muse:  And during the introduction credits.  They listed God as the executive producer.

Well he is, of this whole world that we live in.

Muse:  Not to mention yourself.  Without you being made, I wouldn’t exist.

Anyway,  I was greatly surprised at the beginning of the movie.  Not only was Ja Rule in the movie,  there was other stars, like Stephen Baldwin, Vincent Pastore of Sopranos fame, Toby Mac and T-Bone.

Muse:  Don’t forget the co-star.  Adrienne Bailon.  She was in the band 3LW.

That band does sound kind of familiar.  I think they wrote No More (Baby I’ma Do Right).

Overall, I think the movie was executed well.  From the beginning, we see Miles Montego get a second chance, leaving his former life as a drug dealer.  When this one girl comes right into his life, she was all he could think about.  The only twist about this girl is that she’s a devout Christian that attends church and regularly attends bible studies.

Muse:  I also like how he met her.  He caught a glance of her at a stop light.

Yeah.  Then he got in trouble with the cops for speeding.

Muse:  That kind of confused me.  Wouldn’t the cops know who he is if the DEA was scoping him out the whole movie?

I’m guessing that they were watching since they still didn’t trust him.  Anyway, I liked seeing Miles’s slow but gradual change throughout the movie.

Muse:  And I also liked Stephen Baldwin’s line – “I’m Mr. Confidential”.

Cutting to the chase, I thought the movie was done quite well.  I thought it was interesting seeing Ja Rule in a role that I’ve never seen him in before.

Muse:  I loved the suspenseful scenes.  There were a few scenes that made me cry….

Overall,  I give this movie a 4 out of 5.  An all around good movie that’s definitely worth seeing.  So, Ja Rule fan or not, I would go for it.

Muse:  I liked it too.  4 out of 5 for me.  That’s my verdict and I have nothing more to say.  Good night!


Good night to you, too!  I’m going to bed myself.

And that’s another review!

Until then, I’ll see you tomorrow!