Me & My Muse – Day 98: Recovery

Since I freed my Muse yesterday, I have not heard anything from her at all.  She hasn’t even exited my head yet.  I think that I’ll go check on her.

I will now enter the Realm of Imagination.  There.   Now I’ll enter her house….

What?  She’s still sleeping?


Remedy:  She has been sleeping all day yesterday, and is still sleeping now.

Remedy!  How long have you been here?

Remedy:  I’ve been watching her the whole time.  I want to make sure that she fully recovers….

Muse:  Ughn…..

She awakens!

Muse:   Wha…..Huh?  What happened?  Where am I?

Remedy:  You’re in your room, resting in your bed.  We just freed you from from a bad idea yesterday….

Muse:  What?  Why are you guys so small and why am I so big?  I’m changing everything back to normal!  Tee hee….

Why is she still saying tee hee?

Remedy:  While she is totally freed from that bad idea, remnants of that idea are still inside of her.  It will take a few days for all the remnants to disappear.

Muse:  There.  I’m my normal size, but.  I’m so tired!  Time for a nap!  Tee hee!….*gasp* Did I just say that?  What’s going on?

You were possessed by a bad idea, and the remnants are still inside you.  If you act a little strange, that would explain your behavior….

Muse:  Ugh….!  Why can’t I make myself an adult?!  I still look like I’m five!

Remedy:  You’re too weak to change yourself back.  And even if you had the strength, I’m guessing those remnants are preventing you from changing back.

Muse:  Well, they didn’t stop me from becoming normal size!  I made my room and myself normal-sized anyway, so NYAH!  ….I didn’t just blurt that out too, did I?  I….*sob* ….hate those stupid fragments of that wretched nightmare!…..She’s a very naughty girl!  Tee hee…..Please excuse me.  That was involuntary too….

Just rest for now.  Let us know what you want and we can get it for you.

Muse:  No thanks.  I’ll just….oh!  I’m not even strong enough to stand!  Just look at me.  A helpless little child unable to change back to my true form.  Tee hee!  Urrr!  I gotta stop saying that!

Just tell us what you need.  We’re here for you and we’re going to help you recover.

Muse:  I want my yummy ideas!  Tee hee!  ….I mean, just get me my ideas.  I’m really hungry and I haven’t had anything to eat in a long time.

Remedy:  Here they are.  And let me assure you.  None of them are that bad girl idea, so they’re healthy.

Muse:  Tee hee!  Thanks!  ….I mean, thank you!  I hate these stupid tics!  Tee hee!  Tee hee!  No!  I love them!

Poor Muse….I hope those remnants escape you soon….

Remedy:  They will.  Her body is just trying to get rid of everything foreign and that takes a while.

Muse:  There.  That was delicious!  I feel tired again…..Wait!  How will I go to the bathroom?

But you’re a Intangible!  You don’t need to….

Remedy:  But she’s special.  She loves Tangible characteristics so much that she wants to adopt them as her own.  She has always done this.  I have known her a long time.  Don’t worry, Muse.  You’re wearing night time underwear.

Muse:  No!  That’s gross!  I refuse to use….oh no!  Quick!  Get me to a toilet!

Remedy:  I think that it would be easier if we didn’t move you around.  Just live with the inconvenience for now.  You won’t have it forever.

Muse:  Oh alright….But when I have my strength back, no more of this!  I’m a grown woman and I can use a toilet!  Only babies pee their pants….

Remedy:  And you’re not a baby.  You’re weak right now….

Muse:  Can we stop discussing this?  This is embarrassing!  Imagine how many people are reading this!  All of you in the audience, just leave me alone.  It’s not like you never had an embarrassing thing happen to you!  Tee hee….

Remedy:  Well, let’s take care of it.

Muse:  *sigh* Okay.  Leave the room, Kyle!  I don’t want you to watch while he’s doing this!


*a couple minutes later*

Muse:  Okay!  You can come back in!

You should be pretty tired.

Muse:  I know.  I am.  I can barely keep my eyes….open….. *snore*

Out like a light.  I guess I’ll end this here.  My Muse is recovering right now.   I don’t want to show anything else, as I don’t want to embarrass her anymore than she already is.  In the next day or two, she should be back to normal.  At least I hope.  I don’t know how long this recovery takes….

Today’s high is going to be 62 degrees and the silver lining will be getting my haircut.  It kind of needs it so I’m getting it done today.

To all of you who underwent recovery before, I hope that you all have a fantastic day.


Muse:  *snore*  No! Not you again!…..Stay out of my dreams!……Nooooo…….*yawn*  *snore*