Me & My Muse – Day 97: The Final Showdown

Huh?  What happened there?  I was in the valley, but then….Yeah.  I was surrounded by a bunch of Muse clones.

Where am I?  Everything is dark and I can’t see a thing.  I also can’t move!


???:  Aww!  Scared of the dark?  It’s okay.  I am too!  Tee hee!  Here.  Let me make things brighter….

*the lights turn on, one by one in an ordered sequence, with the last one turning on where I am laying*

A bed.  And…..WAIT!  Is that….my Muse?  Am I at the castle?

???:  And do you know who I am?  Chances are you have already heard about me.  Tee hee!

All I can hear is your voice, but I know that you’re the Idea Queen.  Show yourself!

Idea Queen:  Ah ah ah!  Where’s your manners?

Can you please show yourself?

Idea Queen:  Well, okay!  Since you asked so nicely….

*a shadow appears in the room, taking the form of a little girl dressed like a queen*

It’s you!  You’re the one that…..

Idea Queen:  Yes.  I’m the one that successfully took over your Muse.  It’s like driving a car, only funner!  Tee hee!

So you brought me here.  What took you so long?  I was walking for two days and I didn’t see anyone!

Idea Queen:  We were watching you the whole time.  And that hypnosis?  None of it worked.  I told them to play pretend, and they loved that game.  Tee hee!

So it was all a setup the whole time?

Idea Queen:  Only inside this head!  You had my clones outside my head fooled, so I started to get worried.  I decided,  you’re already inside, so I’m gonna take you to my castle and deal with you myself!

And my real Muse.  Her heart rate is….10?

Idea Queen:  Yes.  She’s about to go bye-bye.  I wanted you to see her one last time before I drained the last of her energy.  Aren’t I nice?  Letting you see the one you love dearly before I get rid of her?  Tee hee!

I hate you!  Why did you go through this trouble?

Idea Queen:  Why not?  She did all this!

(Real) Muse: ……….K-Kyle?…..Is that you?………ughhh…….

I’m here, and I’ll free you somehow.

Idea Queen:  No you’re not!  I just got used to my new body!  Gonna kick me out of my own home?

It’s not your home to begin with.  It’s hers!

Idea Queen:  It’s MY home!  It’s MINE now!  She lost her rights to it because she was a naughty girl!

How was she naughty to you?  You’re the naughty one!

Idea Queen:  Do you really want to know?  Well, I’m gonna get rid of you soon, so I’ll tell you anyway!  She never ate me, ever!

Then you’re not an “idea queen” after all.  What do you really look like?

*Idea Queen changes outfits to resemble a pale object vaguely resembling a girl*

Idea Queen:  This is what I really look like! Tee hee!  But I like all the pretty clothes better!

So she never ate you?  Well, I’m not surprised!

Idea Queen:  She was mean!  She never paid attention to me!  A long time ago, when she was only five years old,   I was just a simple idea.  Like any idea, I wanted to be eaten!  I wanted to become a part of her world!

Idea Queen:  She was about to eat me, but her caretaker grabbed me and tossed me aside.  “Oh no,” she said.  “You can’t have that idea.  It’s not good for you!”  Not good?  How does she know?  *sniff*  How did know who I was?  *sob*  I just wanted to get eaten!

Idea Queen:  Before long, all the unhealthy ideas were deleted.  I hid when this happened.  Tee hee!  I did not want to get deleted!  I wanted to get eaten by that Muse!  I wanted a place to belong!

Idea Queen:  But no!  Over the years, she ignored me!  As she got older, I became smaller and less important.  Before long, I was too small to be noticed.  I guess this is what happens to ideas that don’t get deleted.  They keep shrinking….

Idea Queen:  Over those years, I got more and more angry.  I didn’t just want to get eaten by her.  I wanted revenge!  She wasn’t nice to me, so I decided to not be nice to her!  I’ll just take her body!  But I needed a way to get eaten….

Idea Queen:  That’s when I got this wonderful idea!  Tee hee!  I’ll hide with the other ideas so she’ll end up eating me!  I’m too small for her to see me, so she won’t toss me aside.

Idea Queen:  It worked!  Tee hee!  I knew that she wasn’t a picky eater, so she didn’t spit me out.  Once inside, I began to copy myself….

And then you began infesting my Muse’s body until you had complete control over it.  And you used those “delicious ideas” to keep her under control.

Idea Queen:  Those yummy ideas were cloned by me!  Those ideas are just me cloned!  She was just eating more and more of me!  This sped up my control over her.  It was a really fun game.  Tee hee!

Not for me!  You tortured me over and over again…..

Idea Queen:  Why shouldn’t I?  I was jealous that she always spent time with you and always ignored me!  All that was revenge too.  Tee hee!

Well, now you’re getting your ultimate form of it.  I’m tied up on your bed, right next to my real Muse.  The Muse that you’re about to take out!

Idea Queen:  I know!  Taking over her body was fun.  That’s why I decided to become queen.  I am no longer just a poor little idea wanting to be eaten.  I’m now the queen of all of her ideas! Tee hee!  I just told you everything I wanted to!  Any last words before you’re gone forever?   Oh, wait!  I wanted to drain the last of your stupid Muse’s energy first!  And then I’ll get rid of you.  I’ll do this at the count of three.  One……two………

*a blinding flash appears, intercepting the beam of energy*

Remedy:  Nice try, you naughty girl.  You are not getting rid of that Muse or Kyle.  Kyle!  Quick!  I cut the ropes so now you’re free!  Run!

Idea Queen:  Give that back!

Remedy:  This energy is the last of that Muse’s life.  If I gave it to you, she would be gone forever.  I’m not letting you have it!

Idea Queen:  Then I’ll just take it from you! Tee hee! Hey!  What’s with the forcefield?  Ow!  Fine!  Muse clones, get him!

*A large swarm of Muse clones begin filling the room, and surround Remedy*

Remedy:  It’s getting crowded in here.  Here!  I’ll distract them outside.  You take care of that Bad Girl Idea!

Idea Queen:  Get that energy back, clones!  Don’t stop until you do!  Tee hee!

Your days are numbered.  I am going to get my Muse back, and you’re not going to stop me.

Idea Queen:  Don’t need to!  My clones will get that energy, and it will all be over!  Tee hee….

Actually, it’s over for you.  How about a nice drink?  It’s your favorite!

Idea Queen:  That stupid cure stuff? It doesn’t work on me!  But just to be sure, I’m not gonna have any of it!

Why are you backing away?  It’s just a little sip….

Idea Queen:  Never!

No drinks?  That’s okay.  I knew that you wouldn’t drink it, so I have a nice shot prepared for you instead….

Idea Queen:  Get that needle away from me!

Hey!  Stand still so I can stab you!

*meanwhile, outside the castle*

Remedy:  The clones are multiplying like crazy!  Kyle better hurry….

Muse clones:  Give that energy to us!

Remedy:  Over my dead body I will!

*numerous dimensional rifts open up, with thousands of Muse clones coming out of it*

Remedy:  Hurry up, Kyle!

*meanwhile, back inside the castle*

Here.  If you’re not going to stand still, I’m just going to throw it at you.  Here goes nothing….

*back outside*

Muse clones:  We have you pinned down!  Now for the energy!  Tee hee!


*back in the castle*

There. That should work….

Idea Queen: You missed!

No I didn’t.  The needle is a tiny bit in.

Idea Queen:  How did you get here?

It’s working!  Her memories are reverting back to the past!

*runs over to the Idea Queen*

Idea Queen:  What is that needle?  NO!

*jams cure shot into Idea Queen and injects all the contents inside*

Idea Queen:  How did I get here?  Where is that Muse?  I want her to eat me!

You already got eaten.  But your days are numbered.  You’re going to get deleted.

*Remedy appears inside castle*

Remedy:  The clones are disappearing in droves.  You did it!

Almost.  Delete her, Remedy!

Bad Girl Idea:  What? Who am I?  Don’t delete me!  No!  Please don’t!  Tee hee….

You’re getting deleted.  You almost lost my Muse forever and for that, I can’t allow you to exist.  Farewell, you bad idea!

Bad Girl Idea:  Don’t delete me!  Please!  Don’t delete me!  AHHHHHHHH!!!!!! NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!

*a large wave of energy begins flowing out of the deleted idea and into the real Muse*

Muse: ughhh……

The idea’s gone.

Remedy:  Not quite!

Bad Girl Idea:  NOOOOOOOOOOooooooooooo…..

*large waves of energy flow out of the deleted idea and into the real Muse*

Now it’s deleted.

Muse: ughnn….Kyle?  Is that you?  What happened?  Ahhh!!!

Don’t try standing up.  You’re still weak.  Save your strength and rest.

Remedy:  We’ve done our work here.  It’s time to leave.

There.  I’m now outside, and….What?  She’s still five and she’s three miles tall!  I guess she has to change herself back.  For now, I’ll just let her rest.  Get your energy back, Muse.

Muse:  *snore*  ……Kyle?……what… going on……tee hee…..

Tee hee?  I thought I got rid of her!  I’ll figure that out later.  Time to wake up!

There. After being trapped in the Realm of Imagination for a week, I’m finally awake!  How am I going to explain this to my work?  I hope that they haven’t fired me by now.  I was trapped in a dream realm for a week.  How are they going to believe that?

Anyway, my Muse is finally back.  Thanks, Remedy.

Remedy:  You’re welcome, Kyle!  My work here is done.  Visit me in the realm every now and then!

I will!  Bye!

The chapter has finally ended with that Bad Girl Idea.  With her gone, My Muse can finally get back to her healthy self.

The high today is going to be 65 degrees and the silver lining will be having today off.  My Muse is finally freed, so that’s also  worth mentioning.

To all of you who have successfully conquered a challenge, I hope that you all have a fantastic day.


Muse:  *snore*…..Am I……….Thank you…..Kyle…..tee hee…..