Me & My Muse – Day 96: Through the Valley

Okay.  After walking through the vast field for more than two days, I have finally reached the valley.  I’m guessing that the distance that I walked was a bajillion miles, like she said.

If you want to be exact, I spent much of today walking through the vast field as well.  In the last few minutes, I just entered this valley, and I can just make out a castle that is very far off in the distance.  Looking as far as I can possibly see, the castle looks like a tiny speck at the end of the horizon.  I’m sure it’s huge, but I’m very far away from it….

How much further will I need to walk to get to this castle?  And even if I get there, they’re not just going to let me in.  Well, with my temporary hypnotic powers, they would let me in.

Time to cut this short again, since I don’t want to bore you.  I don’t know the weather in the real world, but I know that the weather here is gloomy and overcast, like it could rain any moment.  The silver lining is….AHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!


Muse clones:  Got him!

Muse clone 2:  That was easy.  Tee hee!

Muse clone 3:  Should we take him outside her head and turn him in?

Muse clone:  No.  I have a MUCH BETTER idea.  Tee hee!