Me & My Muse – Day 88: Anytime Now….

Remedy better hurry up, because I’m losing my mind!

Over the course of yesterday and last night, my Muse made me lose my mind.  No.  I can’t say that.  She’s not my Muse anymore.  She is possessed by a rebellious idea from a bygone era of childhood.  At least that’s where I think it’s from.  I mean, why else would she resemble a child?  If she is my Muse at all, she is a mere puppet being pulled by the strings.  By the way that she’s been acting, I can tell that it’s the idea that’s in control now.  Not a trace of her personality is left.  It is all replaced by a bratty child that always gets her way.  One that demands that everything be done immediately.  One that loves to play games for an endless period of time.

How have I lost my mind?  I already did yesterday, so I would have trouble telling you.  That idea-possessed Muse tormented me in every way she possibly could.  I was squeezed in choking embraces, her slave to her every whim, nearly crushed to death for not obeying….The list goes on.  And if I complete the list, all my sanity would be lost….For some strange reason all of a sudden, I’m extremely tired and….


Muse:  There you are!  I can’t sleep without my stuffed Kyle!  Don’t wonder away again, or I will step on you!  Tee hee….

Back in the Realm of Imagination with my “Muse”.  Might as well call it Hell because that is what it feels like.

Muse:  Don’t be silly!  Tee hee!  This is heaven….for me!  Tee hee….Time to sleep a little longer.  Don’t escape, stuffed Kyle….. *snore*

And, of course, she engaged the forcefield, so I can’t wake up from the Realm of Imagination.

Muse:  No….Don’t eat me…..AHHHHHHHHHHH……

I can’t escape and….no….Not again!  She is tightly embracing me and she is getting soaked!

Muse:  Huh…..Oh no…. *sob*  Kyle!  I’m all wet again….

Time to get the giant gloves on again.  It should be easier since she’s only 16 feet tall.  She’s much taller during the day….

Muse: Get me a shower now!   Also change the sheets!

*sigh* Better change the setting on that giant glove.  She just grew to three miles tall….Everyone, I will be right back….

*one annoying shower and change of bedding later*

There.  Can you stop doing this?!

Muse:  *sob* I can’t help it.  Tee hee!

Stop crying like that.  I know those tears are fake.

Muse:  So what if they are?  I love watching you suffer.  Maybe then she’ll learn….


Muse:  Never mind.  That doesn’t concern you.

So why do I have to suffer again?

Muse:  Revenge!  Tee hee!

Revenge?  What did I do?

Muse:  Nothing!  But it doesn’t matter that you did nothing because I’m not telling you who I’m getting my revenge on.  Tee hee!

My Muse.  What did she do to you?

Muse:  How you do know it’s your Muse?

Let’s just say that I’m a good guesser.

Muse:  Fine! It is your Muse!  But I’m not telling you why!

And that’s an answer that I don’t know yet.

Muse:  And I’ll never tell you! Never never never!  PLLLLLLLLLBBBBBT!  Now I’m going to get smaller and you’re going to be my stuffed Kyle again.  I’m sleeping a little longer and then we can have fun and games when I wake up!  Tee hee!  Good night, slave!

But it’s not night….

Muse;  Now it is!

She can change the time of day?!  I guess she can do that in the Realm of Imagination….

Muse:  Stop moving, stuffed Kyle.  Actually, move!  I need my glass of milk.  Get it NOW!

This is why I say, HURRY UP REMEDY!  Anytime now….Anytime….

Muse:  What did I just say?  Get my milk, slave!

*sigh*  Today’s high is going to be 74 degrees and the silver lining will be escaping from my bad-girl idea possessed Muse when she’s sleeping.

To all of you who are waiting for something important to happen….

Muse:  I want my milk!  If you make me get up, I’m going to crush you!

Here’s your milk.  Everyone.  I hope you have a fantastic day.


Muse:  Wait!  This milk is in the wrong glass!  You were supposed to put it in the Hello Kitty glass!  Kyle!  Where are you!  KYLE!!!!!

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