Me & My Muse – Day 87: I Want My Old Muse Back

Just pulled another all-nighter with my Muse.  Not because I refused to play her stupid games last night.  I played exactly the games she wanted.  But one game wasn’t enough.  She wanted to play them all night long.  Having done this, I am totally worn out.

But before I rest, let me explain what has been going on with my Muse, since I cut yesterday’s entry short.  Yesterday, I talked about how my Muse kept me up all night long, which was a big mistake.  I refused to play her games all night long, but finally gave in when it was almost morning.  These kinds of games involved coloring, painting, playing with dolls, guessing her favorite foods (which is simple, considering that she’s a Muse) the dreaded Kyle Ken game and, of course, one that I can never play.  The growing game.  “How much can you grow?” she asks me.  What else can I say?  Tangibles can’t change their size!  This is an Intangible game, so she always ends up winning.  I think that she knows that I can’t grow, so she just makes sport of me for not being able to do so.

Then there’s all the board games that only kids play.  She wanted to play every single one.  And once was not enough.  She wanted to play them again, and again, and again.  It wasn’t that she lost.  She won every time.  I think she just wanted to win, and then rub that victory in my face every time.

My Muse has gotten a lot worse over the past couple days.  She doesn’t have any respect for me anymore.  All that matters is what she wants.  And what can I do to object?  She has a way of manipulating me, and that can be done in two ways.  Either she’ll tell all of you my secrets or she will play the giantess card.  “I will crush you if you don’t do this or that.”  What can I say?  I have become her slave, and there is nothing that I can do to stop her.


Muse:  Kyle!  I wet the bed again!  I want it changed right now!

*sigh*  Coming, Miss Muse….

There.  Got to the Realm of Imagination right away.  Now I’ll enter her house, and….

Muse:  What took you so long?  Change the sheets!  They’re all wet!

Why don’t you stop doing this?

Muse:  I can’t help it.  Tee hee!  I had another bad dream….

Well, stop having them!  I shouldn’t have to be a slave to a child!

Muse:  Well, you are.  You’re my slave and you’ll do what I say!  Now change the sheets!  Tee hee!

There.  The sheets are off.  I’m going to get some new sheets.

Muse:  Do it fast!  I want to get back to my nap!  While you’re doing this, I’ll drink all this milk.  Tee hee!

You see?  You’re causing the problem already!

Muse:  I’m not causing any problem.  I’m just drinking my milk!  Tee hee! Now where are my new sheets?  Make sure they’re the princess ones!

Here they are.

Muse:  Those are the wrong ones!  I want them to be pink.  And these are My Little Pony, not princesses!  Hurry, slave!

*sigh*  These giant gloves sure are getting a work out….There.  The pink princess sheets are on the bed.

Muse:  Good.  Now give me a shower.  I’m all wet.

I will, but first I need to apply the appropriate censorship for the audience here.

*one annoying shower later*

There.  You’re all clean and in your pink princess pajamas.

Muse:  Yes, but I want the ones with the cute little feet.  Get them for me NOW!

*sigh*  Here….You’re clean and in your pink princess pajamas, WITH the cute little footsies!

Muse:  Thanks.  Tee hee!  Now get me a glass of milk.

But you just drank a bunch of milk!

Muse:  Get me my milk!  I’m wearing my nighttime underwear.  Tee hee!

When has that ever worked on a Muse?  You see, everyone.  This is why she has her accidents….

Muse:  Where’s my milk?!

It’s right here, you spoiled princess.

Muse:  Thank you, slave.  Time for my yummy milk, and then it’s nap time.  When I wake up, we’re playing a bunch of fun games!  Tee hee!

All set?

Muse:  Yup!

Good.  Now I’ll….

Muse:  Wait!  I want my stuffed bunny.  I can’t sleep without my stuffed bunny.

Here.  Will you leave me alone now?

Muse:  You are free for now, slave.  Tee hee!

Good.  Now I’ll leave the Realm of Imagination, before she can think of anything else.


*sigh*  It is for those very reasons that I miss my old Muse.  I want my old Muse back.  I want her back badly.  Want to know what she was like?  Just go here and you’ll see.  You can also find her here, but this ends by Day 40.  Remedy’s plan is almost finished.  He has taught me a technique on how to stay inside her head.  I so badly want to go inside her head, get rid of this bad idea and end all this.  None of this is her fault.  She is being influenced by a childish idea.  One that definitely needs to be put to rest.

Today’s high is going to be 76 degrees and the silver lining will be more story progress.  I’m keeping my fingers crossed….


To all of you who have ever wanted something back, I hope that you all have a fantastic day.


Muse:  I hope that I have another bad dream.  Tormenting Kyle is fun!  It’s also fun having a Tangible as a slave to play a bunch of fun games with!  Tee hee!