Me & My Muse – Day 64: Summer’s Last Stand

The dust has settled.  After finally being done with all of my shifts, I only have one simple errand to run today for my grandparents.  One that should be too bad at all.  Since this errand doesn’t involve making pizzas, I am perfectly fine with it.

In looking at the weather today, I can’t help but say that it is a scorcher.  It’s going to be very hot today.  With this kind of heat, it is official.  Break out your tanktops (or short-sleeved polo shirts if you are in the office).  This is summer’s last stand.

No!  Not that kind of stand!


Muse:  Why not!  I put that there!  It’s Summer’s last stand!  Tee hee!

I was talking about the weather, not a lemonade stand.

Muse:  But it’s going to be hot today!  And hot days are the best days to have lemonade!  I’m glad you’re feeling better, by the way!  Tee hee….

Thanks.  Working that last day yesterday really helped with my sanity.  Now enough about lemonade!  I need to end this entry!

Muse:  But Summer worked so hard to put this stand together!  Her allowance depends on that stand!

And where did Summer get the money for all her supplies?  I’m guessing her parents bought all the lemons and sugar.

Muse:  So what if they did?  How can she afford all that?  I’m going to help support her stand, by buying 200 glasses of lemonade.  Tee hee!

How much is her lemonade?

Muse:  50 cents per glass.  Tee hee!

That’s $100 on lemonade!  Are you serious?

Muse:  I am. Bye!

Wait!  You’re not going to listen to the voice, are you?

Muse:  I’m still thinking about it!  I’ll let you know when I decided!  I’m coming, Summer!


My Muse does know that Summer is going to need to make more than one pitcher for 200 glasses of lemonade.  I don’t even know if she has that many cups!  She might have to reuse them!

Anyway, the high today is going to be a scorching 95 degrees and the silver lining will be making more progress on the Zorpozian language.

To all of you who are dealing with this last heat wave, I hope that you all have a fantastic day.


Muse:  I didn’t tell him that I already decided!  You’re a nice voice so you can be trusted.  Tee hee!

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