Me & My Muse – Day 60: The Cureman Cometh

That old man better have the cure today, or I’m going to lose my mind!  If he doesn’t come with it today I’ll….


Old Man:  You’ll what?  What can you do to me?  Learn to have a little more patience.  Making cures is not easy.  If you don’t do it right, it won’t work.

You’re here!  Words cannot describe the torture that my Muse has put me through.  And on top of that, she has to be a giant over a mile tall….

Old Man:  That’s why I gave you those giant gloves.  You would’ve never been able to do anything for her otherwise.

I know.  I’m getting tired of tucking her in.

Old Man:  This world of yours….Everything’s too straight and rigid.  Your rules are pretty strict.

But this is reality.  Your world isn’t tethered to the same boundaries as we are….

Old Man:  I know, and this is only my second time in your world.  I don’t like it.

So do you have the cure or not?

Old Man:  I do, but don’t be so hasty in giving it to her.  It will only work when she’s sleeping.

Then I’ll give it to her during her late morning nap.

Old Man:  That’s not enough sleep.  For the best effects, it must be done at night.

So I have to wait 10-11 hours?!

Old Man:  Deal with it.  I’ve had to rebuild my house seven times because of her.  Finally, I put a barrier on it.  She has since learned to stay away, since she gets zapped if she touches it.

Okay.  I’ll try to live with it.

Old Man:  Also, I have learned this formula pretty well so here’s a few extra batches for when that one runs out.  You should not have any problems with her for a while.

I’ll still have the normal annoyance, but that’s something I can live with.

Old Man:  Also, I’ll keep an eye out for those old neighbors.  I actually knew one of them, so I’ll try to see if I can find them.

Please do.  I’ll try to continue the search myself.

Old Man:  Well, I’ll be leaving.  Good luck with the Muse!



There.  I have the cure.  It’s now only a matter of time.

To recap from yesterday, I totally lost my mind.  My Muse morphed into a gigantic Pinkie Pie that would make any city skyline look like blades of grass.  For a short time, I rode on her back, until she realized that she didn’t have any hands in that form to carry me.  When she realized that, she became her giant self again, and just “pretended” to be Pinkie Pie.  For this game, my new name was Rainbow Dash, and she swung me around like one of her toys.  We were in Manhattan and I helplessly clung on to her palm for my dear life.

After that, she got bored of that game and I became Kyle Ken again.  Oh, it just drives me crazy just thinking about it!  The worst part about it is that she wanted to play dress up.  Again!  Only this time, we were in Manhattan.  My Muse just sat there with her legs sticking out, phasing through all the buildings like a ghost.  To her, sitting on a city skyline was like sitting on a patch of grass.  And then, she did it.  She undressed me in front of everyone!  Fortunately, I was only a grain of sand to her so no one would ever see, right?

This would have been perfect if that were the case.  But her fingers would’ve been too big to remove the clothes.  So she shrunk down and did this!  And then she waved me around proudly, like I was one of her dolls.  She wanted everyone to know that I was her “Ken” doll and all the while my face was turning blood red.  From my incessant screaming, everyone who was watching took pity on me as they ran for their lives.  This was the ultimate display of humiliation and I don’t even know if I want to set foot in public because of her.  I am not a toy.  I am not a doll!  I am a human, being tortured against my will by a Muse that has been stricken with a serious illness.  An illness that I hope to cure very soon….


Muse:  Tee hee!  I had such a good dream last night!

Really?!  I had a nightmare, and YOU were in it!  Never mind.  That really happened….

Muse:  Well, my dream was a good one!  First, I ate all the ice cream I ever wanted.  Then, I became Pinkie Pie and flew all over the place.  Then I played with you!  That was the best part….Tee hee!

I do NOT want to play with you today!  You have humiliated me to the point of embarrassment!

Muse:  Yesterday was funny!  Tee hee!  You were naked!

Enough!  I’ve had enough humiliation already!

Muse:  Tee hee!  Love pats!

That wasn’t a pat.  That was a hit.  You are a very bad Muse!

Muse:  How was I bad?  I’m a good girl!  I was just playing with my toys!  Tee hee….

Toys?  What toys?

Muse:  My Kyle Ken doll!  You’re a real fun doll to play with.  Tee hee!

I am not a toy!

Muse:  Yes you are!

No I’m not!

Muse:  Yes you are!  Yes you are!  Yes you are!  Dolls are tiny, and you’re tiny!

That’s because you’re a giant, and you refuse to get any smaller!

Muse: Well I can’t help it if you can’t grow up like me!

I AM grown up.  I just can’t become a giant.

Muse:  That’s because you don’t try, quitter!

So I’m not a toy if I’m bigger than you?  That logic fails, and you’re pretty stupid.

Muse:  Words don’t hurt me!  Tee hee!  But that’s okay if you’re a quitter.  You can be my Kyle Ken doll instead!

How about I LEAVE, with what little sanity I have left….

Muse:  You’re so funny, Kyle Ken!  Oh, how I wish that I could take you home and put you in my room!  I have a special place prepared for you.  Tee hee!

But you can’t.  I can’t go in my own head.  Duh!

Muse:  But let’s play again, Kyle Ken!  Let’s play dress up!


Muse:  But it’s fun!  Here.  Time for a new outfit….


Muse:  Ow!  You bit me!  Someone’s being very naughty.  Does Kyle Ken need time-out?

Stay away from me!

Muse:  Just let me get your jammies off!  Ow!  It looks like you do need time-out.  ….Oh!  I’m hungry again!  For time-out, I’m putting you in this tiny little jar.  I want you to sit in that jar and think about what you did.  For, how old are you?

I’m 29.

Muse:  29 minutes!  I’m going to have a yummy breakfast while you sit there, being a naughty head!  No leaving early or I will make it longer!  When I come back, we’re playing more dress up, and I have a really good outfit picked out for you.  Tee hee!


A gigantic pickle jar the size of a skyscraper.  I’m guessing that she made it bigger with her Intangible abilities.  How does she expect me to escape from this jar?  Even if the lid was off, I couldn’t escape….

Well, that’s one less half hour of her I’ll have to deal with.  Tonight is going to be awesome.  When she falls asleep.  It’s cure time.  The torture needs to end and it ends tonight.  Hopefully, this cure is strong enough to revert her back to the pre Me & My Muse days….

Today’s high is going to be 77 degrees and the silver lining is more progress on the Zorpozian language.

To those of you who have ever waited for relief,  I hope that you all have a fantastic day.


Muse:  I’m a good girl, aren’t I?  I told him everything you wanted me to say!  Yes, I enjoyed it!  And today’s playtime is going to be even funner!  But I get tired after breakfast, so I’ll need a quick nap first!  Tee hee….

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