Me & My Muse – Day 59: I Need Therapy

A miracle is happening right now.  My Muse is actually sleeping and is not bothering me!

My Muse is driving me crazy.  And work isn’t helping either.  For the next six days, I will be making pizzas.  Don’t most people only work five days in a week?  This is what I HATE about part-time work.  The days are never normal.  There’s no Monday through Friday schedule.  Any day is up for grabs, and only 4 of the required 8 hours a day are assigned.  I have already worked one of those six days, so I only have five more days of my “sentence” to carry out.

In getting back to my Muse, I am totally losing my mind.  After what happened the rest of the day through last night, I think that I need to get committed, or at least get therapy or something.  My Muse thinks that I am her new toy, and she won’t stop playing with me.  My new name is “Kyle Ken”.

Getting to work yesterday was an ordeal, thanks to my Muse.  I tried to convince her that I had to work, but she wouldn’t listen.  All she cared about was playing with her “Kyle Ken”.  I had to break free from her grasp and nearly sprang my leg from falling about eight or nine feet to the ground.  After changing into my outfit and getting there, I barely got there in time.

But that was only the beginning of how bad yesterday was!  My Muse continued to play with me like a toy, and it was endless game after endless game.  There was “tea with Kyle Ken”  “Kyle Ken wedding”, “Kyle Ken honeymoon”, “Kyle Ken meets Muse Barbiezilla” and several other torturous games.  The real embarrassing one for me was “Kyle Ken dress-up”.  She undressed me, taking off all the clothes like one of her dolls.  Then she put all these gaudy clothes on me and then told me how “cute” they were on me.  She almost took me home with her, but she realized that I couldn’t go in my own head.  With that, it was “good night, Kyle Ken” and the torture was over.

How much more torture do I have to endure?  I hope that the old man has that cure for her soon!  She is getting worse and worse, and she is making me go insane!  And no creative agent should ever be doing that.  But she is doing that to me, and it has been horrible and traumatic.


Muse:  Waaaaah!!!!  I had another bad dream!

Um….You’re dripping.  And one of those drops just drenched me….Gross!  So much for maximum absorbancy!

Muse:  But I was scared!  I couldn’t help it!

You wet the bed again!  And being a giant, this will be impossible to clean up.  Fortunately, the old man gave me these giant gloves, which can magically enlarge my hands to whatever size the giant object is.  Here.  Let’s clean you up.  None of you need to see this, so I’ll put up the intermission music…..

There.  I’m in the Realm of Imagination.  I gave my Muse a bath and her bedding is getting washed.  Seriously, how does she manage to get all the sheets wet?  I thought these diapers were absorbent.

Muse:  They are.  But I’m a Intangible, mixing Tangible rules together.  Tee hee!  Now let’s play another game, Kyle Ken!

No!  No more games!

Muse:  Come on!  You kept saying that yesterday!  Let’s keep plAYING!  Tee hee!

No ho ho ho!!!  I miss my brain…..

Muse:  Let’s play  Kyle Ken meets Musezilla again, but let’s do it in space!  Tee hee!

I don’t like where this is going….

Muse:  Wheeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!!!!!  Look at how small that Earth is.  Kyle Ken?

*cough* Can’t breathe…..

Muse:  Kyle Ken?  Now is not the time to be sleeping!  Wake up!  I said, WAKE UP!  WHY AREN’T YOU WAKING UP?  Well, I’m hungry anyway, so I guess I’ll eat you.  Tee hee!

There.  Tee hee!  I can’t play with Kyle Ken if I swallowed him.  I guess we’ll play on Earth, since he gets tired in space.  Wheeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!!!!!

While you taste good, I need to spit you out now.  Pituuuuuuie!

What was that for?  YOU ALMOST KILLED ME!

Muse:  I didn’t kill you, silly!  You were sleeping.  You’re such a sleepyhead in space!

I wasn’t sleeping.  I was dead.

Muse:  You were SLEEPING!  Are you awake now?  Think you can stay awake while we play?

I am awake.  *sigh* Let’s play….

Muse:  Okay.  Now I’m Barbiezilla, okay?  We can play at my normal size since I’m plenty big enough.

That’s not your normal size.  That’s over a mile tall.

Muse:  That’s my normal size, you silly face!  Time to play…..Oh!  I’m hungry again!  Oh pooh!  After my delicious breakfast,  more playtime!  Be right back, Kyle Ken!


I’ll use this time to quickly end this like before.  Once again, I have to deal with her torture.  Is she even aware of how much she’s tormenting me?  No.  She doesn’t understand anymore.  She’s a five year old, blissfully unaware of anything besides her own little world.  A world that she believes that everything revolves around.  Man, I need therapy.  That cure better be ready soon, or that old man won’t hear the end of it.  In the meantime, I haven’t been able to look for any of her old neighbors since I’ve been her plaything until her bedtime.  By then, I’m too tired to go searching. Hopefully, I will be able to do this again soon.

Today’s high is going to be 72 degrees and the silver lining will be more creative progress, hopefully.  Maybe I can hide and do this where my Muse can’t find me.  But then again, how can you hide from a five-year old giant Muse?

To all of you who still have your sanity and patience, I hope that you all have a fantastic day.


Muse:  I think we’ll play My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic next!  Tee hee!

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