Me & My Muse – Day 53: The Nightmare Continues

Yesterday was met with an unwelcome surprise.  My Muse smashed my car into the curb.  She had to go to the mall.  In doing so, she ruined my car.  Fortunately, I was able to get it repaired.  But man, what a nightmare!  When I tried to explain to them that my Muse caused the accident, they thought I was crazy.  And that’s only the beginning.  The real pain begins when I get the bill for the repairs.

As for my Muse, don’t worry.  I had a real good talk with her about this yesterday.  She is not going anywhere today without my supervision.  I don’t trust her, for she could do the same thing again….


Muse:  I’m scared!  *sob*

What is it now?

Muse:  I had a really bad dream!  Someone was chasing me and they caught me.  And then….they fed me to this monster…. *sob*

It’s just a bad dream.  Can you get over it?

Muse:  But it was scary….

Get over it.  It’s just a dream….

Muse:  You’re mean!

I’m just telling you like it is.  Now you wrecked my car.  Do you want to go to the mall again?

Muse:  No.  I want some ice cream, and a new Barbie doll!

Let me guess.  A little worse than yesterday.  Right?

Muse:  Don’t judge me.  I want out, so I’m setting myself free.

You mean, she wants out?

Muse:  No.  She became me.  I am her now.  Tee hee!

So you BECAME your inner child?

Muse:  Why not?  I can do whatever I want!  I can become a teenager again just as fast!

But only mentally, right?

Muse:  Physical is boring, and so are you.  No rules and authority are the way to go, and that is how I roll.  Independence all the way.


Muse:  Now I’m back, just like that.  Let’s get my ice cream and barbie, okay?

That’s if you can drive there.

Muse:  I will.  You can take all the keys you want away from me, but I can make some new ones, like this.

You are a bad girl.

Muse:  Thanks.  Tee hee!

Being bad is not a good thing, you know.

Muse:  But being bad is so much fun! Now I’m going to wreck your car again, because I don’t know how to drive there safely.

And if I say no?

Muse:  I’ll go there anyway.  When have you ever stopped me from getting what I want?  Now if you would excuse me, it’s time for an ice cream cone and a barbie doll.  Tee hee!

*sigh*  Let’s get your ice cream….

There.  A vanilla cone with sprinkles.  Are you happy?

Muse:  Yay!  You are the best master in the world!


Muse:  Well, you’re not my father, so I’m calling you master!  Tee hee!  There.  Let’s go get my barbie doll….

Here.  Are you happy?

Muse:  Yay!  I don’t have that one yet.  But now I do!  Tee hee!

There.  Let’s go home.

Well, that took a while, but we’re finally home.  Anything else, tween Muse?

Muse:  Not a tween!  I’m younger than that!

However young you are!  Whatever!  Now, I want to get a start on my day….

Muse:  Not so fast.  You’re going to play Barbies with me.  You can be Ken!

This is embarrassing.  I’m not playing Barbies with you.

Muse:  Hmm….Time to go for a ride, and crash your car, because I don’t know how to drive it!  And then you can get blamed again, and I can get away with it!  Doesn’t that sound like fun?

I don’t want to pay for anymore repairs!  Let’s play this game, okay?!

Muse:  I love getting what I want!  Tee hee!  But first, I’m hungry.  Time to feast on some delicious ideas!  Be back in a bit!


Well, the next cure can’t come soon enough.  I need to figure this out and fast.  I wasn’t able to visit the Realm of Imagination yesterday because of this whole car ordeal.  She is only getting worse and worse, and it doesn’t help that she doesn’t tell me the secret!  Who knows how she’ll behave tomorrow?  Probably even worse than this!  That manipulating witch!  But I need to be patient.  Maybe this isn’t her fault.  But even my patience has its limits, so this needs to be resolved soon….

I might as well end this while she’s eating.  Today’s high is going to be 88 degrees.  The silver lining is more progress on my story, I hope.

To those of you who are having problems with disciplining, I hope that you all have a fantastic day.


Muse:  I did what you told me and now I can get anything I want!  Tee hee!  Thanks!  Now it’s time to play Barbies!  Oh, this is gonna be so much fun!

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