Me & My Muse go to the Movies – #2: Planes

Having been back from the movie for a little while, I think it’s time to get this discussion off the ground.  We are talking about Disney and Pixar’s Planes.


Muse: You’re doing this NOW?  It’s just about my bedtime!

Well, we have a little time.  When’s your bedtime?

Muse:  It’s 8:00, so let’s make this quick.

That’s a little early, don’t you think?

Muse:  Girls like me need a lot of sleep, okay?  Now let’s get talking about this!

First of all, first impressions.  I thought that it was a clone of Cars and Cars 2.  And if you look at the credits, they already have a sequel planned for this movie.

Muse:  I liked the planes!  They fly really high!  Whee!

The ones in the beginning weren’t flying very high.  They’re crop dusters, for goodness sake.

Muse:  Well, they should’ve flew higher then!

Well, they do eventually.  At least the ones in the race….

Muse:  I love flying.  Peter taught me how to do it.  Tee hee….

Next,  let’s talk about the characters.  I really liked….

Muse:  Do you know what?  I’m tired!  So let me give you my quick thing about the movie and then I wanna go to bed!  I thought the movie was amazing!  I love things that fly and I loved the planes in the movie.  The Mexican one was funny and I cried when the Crop Duster plane guy crashed into the ocean.  I liked the race and I liked it when they flied!  I give it a 5 out of 5.  My favorite movie of all time.  Now goodnight!


Okay then.  I guess I’ll be finishing the review myself.

About the characters.  I thought that they were almost recycled from Cars. Dusty Cropduster is a recycled version of Lightning McQueen.  Skipper Riley is a recycled version of Doc Hudson.  The premise in this movie is the same as Cars.  The only difference was that Lightning McQueen is a race car while Dusty Cropduster is a crop duster plane that’s not built for racing.

And when we look at the plot, It pretty much mirrors the international race that was in Cars 2.  They just took the formula that was in the Cars franchise and decided to apply it to airplanes.  Not at all original and kind of cheap.

I do like the themes in the movie, but that’s about it.  Dusty Cropduster was a nobody airplane just dusting crops for a town in Nebraska that wasn’t even on the map.  He wasn’t made for racing, but that didn’t stop him from trying out for that international race.  A race that would teach him more about himself than anything that he ever did in his life.

Overall, I thought the movie was unoriginal.  Unoriginal in the use of recycled characters and unoriginal in a plot that somewhat mirrored Cars 2.  I give Planes a 2 out of 5.

The movie was so-so and was a little entertaining, but don’t take my word for it.  Watch the movie and see for yourself.

Until then, I’ll see you all tomorrow!

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