Me & My Muse – Day 36: Birthday Aftermath

With my birthday over, it is now back to business as usual around here.  Before we do that, I would like to recap on what I did for my birthday.  Last night in particular.

First of all, the dinner.  I had dinner at Genji Japanese Steak House & Sushi Bar.  I had the cupid roll, which was eel, avocado and creme cheese quick-fried in tempura batter, with BBQ eel sauce, spicy mayo sauce and green onions.  My dinner was Filet Mignon and Lobster Tail with fried rice and cooked vegetables.  The dinner came with a bowl of onion soup, a salad with ginger dressing, the main course and a dessert, which was green tea ice cream.  Since it was my birthday, the Genji staff sang “If you’re happy and you know it” in Japanese, and gave me a brownie with a dollop of whipped cream.  Overall, the dinner was amazing.

I then had some gifts.  All of them were pretty nice.  Some money, a couple board games from my friend who came over and a gift card to Buffalo Wild Wings.

After the gifts came the cake and ice cream.  The cake was a quarter sheet chocolate cake with chocolate buttercream frosting from Meijer.  After my family and friend sang “Happy Birthday to You”, I blew out the candle with my brother, and we all ate cake and ice cream.  Fortunately, the ice cream was half chocolate, half vanilla, so I wouldn’t have too much chocolate.

Overall, my birthday was fun….


Muse:  So, are you done?

Yes.  Pretty much.

Muse:  Tee hee!  Good!  I didn’t want to interrupt your birthday recap.  Just another little kindness from yesterday.

So now we’re back to normal again?

Muse:  Of course!  I could only keep that stupid adult persona for so long.  Ugh!  I thought that my head was going to explode!  But I did it for you.  Did you like it?  Did you like it?  Huh? Huh? Huh? Huh?

Yes, I liked it.  But I missed the energy….

Muse:  Speaking of energy, did you eat that yummy cake that I made for you yesterday?

I ate every last bite, and it was delicious.

Muse:  Tee hee! Thanks!  I worked really hard on it.  And I worked even harder on being a boring adult, for your sake….

Adults are not boring, and people DO grow up.  It can’t be avoided.  What do you think this is, Neverland?

Muse:  I like that place.  Peter and I are really good friends, actually.

But not super good.  Remember last night?

Muse:  Yeah….That…..Let’s….not talk about that in front of everyone, okay?  It was an ACT.  You’re just a stupid adult.

An act, huh?  It sounded pretty convincing to me.  Especially that….

Muse:  LA LA LA LA LA LA!  Not listening! Not listening!  I can’t hear you!

Fine.  I’ll drop it.  Getting back to that cake you made.  Finally.  Something that you didn’t burn to a crisp.

Muse:  Hey!  I can cook good if I want to!

Only when you have your medication, right?

Muse:  Shut up!  Let’s drop the cake too, since you’re going to keep making fun of me from something good I actually made….

Alright.  We’ll talk about the food that I ate last night.  It was so good….

Muse:  I agree.  It was so yummy!  I ordered five rolls of sushi and had a Seafood Trio for dinner.  No leftovers, since I was a hungry girl….Tee hee….

Not only that, but with your Intangible properties, you can eat an unlimited amount of food and never get full.

Muse:  That’s right!  But I didn’t have to pay for it!

SOMEBODY did.  Ahem….

Muse:  Relax.  The payments were arranged last night, so you wouldn’t be stuck with my bill!  Again, I didn’t want to make you angry on your birthday.  Didn’t I do a good job?

Yes.  I also have leftovers from last night that you’re probably going to eat, right?

Muse:  Wrong!  Those leftovers were from YOUR BIRTHDAY, so I won’t touch them!

Good.  I think we’re done talking about last night.  Would you like to go to another movie?

Muse: Sure!  That Smurfs 2 was FUN!  I would love to see another one with you!

Well, I’m seeing Planes tonight, if you want to go to that….

Muse:  Yay!  I’ll just have Peter watch your ideas.  He’s really good at telling stories so he should be fine as a sitter.  I also saw the first two Cars movies, so I know what’s going on!

Good.  Now get cleaned up.  You’re still in your pajamas.

Muse:  Well, you’re still in yours!

I won’t be for long.  Get ready, okay?

Muse:  Alright!  I’m gonna see a movie!  I’m gonna see a movie!  WHOO-HOO!


Well, that’s pretty much it.  I had a nice dinner last night and I’m going to see a movie today.  Aside from that, it’s pretty much back to work for me.  There are some things that I would like to get done.  A Toastmasters speech to prepare for and some more job hunting, among other things….

Today is going to be cold, with a high of only 68 degrees.  Today’s silver lining will be making more progress on my story, if I get around to it.  I will also be seeing a movie, so that will be pretty good.

To all of you who like leftover birthday cake, I hope that you all have a fantastic day.


Muse:  Phew!  I almost blew my cover there!  Stupid adult or not, I love Kyle!  He’s so dreamy….

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