Me & My Muse – Day 29: Goodbye, Green Grass….

Goodbye?  Again?  Didn’t we already mow the lawn on Saturday?  Are we trying to create a golf course or something?

Actually, I recently got back from mowing my grandparent’s lawn.  My brother did one side and I did the other.  With that errand done, I got some gas money from my grandma and some chocolate chip cookies to boot!  For the grass, I say goodbye.  Goodbye, for now….


Muse:  Waaaaaaaaaaah!!!!

What’s your problem?

Muse:  Friday left me!

Well, of course.  It’s Tuesday.  Not Friday.

Muse:  No.  Friday left me for someone else.  Waaaaah!  I hate my life!

Well, it doesn’t surprise me with the way that you’ve been acting.  Besides, a Muse marrying a weekday would never work.  I called it.

Muse:  He said that it was because of my “weird behavior”.  He said that I was too hyper and that he was only interested in women.  That stupid day!  I AM a woman!

A very immature one, at that.

Muse:  Shut up!   Why do you always do this?

I don’t.  You’re the annoying one.  I remain quiet while you do your annoying antics.

Muse:  Oh yeah.  He said that he was already married to another day.  Said that it was Saturday….

Well that explains everything!  Why did he marry you, then?

Muse:  It was a set up.  I overheard the weekdays talking.  Monday wanted to get back at Friday, since Monday was the most hated day of the week.  So he got Friday drowsy.  I asked Friday if he was married to anyone else, and he said no.  So I married him.

What about Saturday?  Wouldn’t she have found out?

Muse:  Saturday was on vacation.

Friday was drowsy?  Didn’t you notice anything funny going on at the wedding?

Muse:  Friday was falling asleep when I kissed him.  Tee hee!

But now you’re single again, and I think you should stay single for a while.

Muse:  That meanie!  Friday wanted to wait until today to  break the news to me.  I guess he didn’t want to hurt my feelings.  Too late!  Meanie face!

Now about that medication.  Have you taken your medication yet?

Muse:  Nope!  And I’m never going to take it again!  Never never never never never!

Then I’ll have to give it to you myself.  Open wide….

Muse:  Try it.  It won’t work on me anymore, so NYAH!

Tangible rules.  You remember those, right?

Muse:  Tangible rules are stupid!  I don’t use every one of your stupid rules.  Fine!  Try it!

I’ll give you an extra dose.  There.  You should be calming down….

Muse:  It didn’t woooork!  Don’t believe me?  Give me that!

You took them all!  Do you have any idea how much that stuff cost?

Muse:  I’m tired of this game.  Can we play another one?

So we’re back to yesterday again?

Muse:   Yes.  And I won!   I waited in your head for a whole day!  I told ya I would win!

Do you have any idea of how old this is getting?  The people reading this are going to complain about it too.

Muse:  So what if they do?  No more stupid medicine!  No more stupid medicine!  NYAH NYAH!

But if they don’t like this, they will stop reading it.  Do you know that?


A raspberry?  Cute.  Now how old are we again?

Muse:  I don’t know!

Medication or not,  I will need to be able to control you.  You’re very creative, yes., but you’re a little out of control right now….

Muse:  I wanna play a game….

Just a moment.

Muse:  But I wanna play one now!

Now I can see why Friday got rid of you, aside from already being married to Saturday.

Muse:  Saturday’s a stupid face!

Let’s play this game.  Go into my head, wait for a day….

Muse:  That game is boring!  I played it yesterday.  Can we play another?  Please?

How about this one.  Go inside my head, look for new ideas, and take care of every idea you see.  How about we play that?

Muse:  I love that game!  Be right back!

Oh wait!  If you leave before tomorrow, you lose.

Muse:  Okay.  Bye!


Man.  My Muse is a wreck with that medication starting to wear off.  I fear for her stability since the medication doesn’t have any effect on her anymore….I’ll talk to her later about this.

Anyway, the high is going to be 79 today.  Today’s silver lining will be making more progress on my story.

For those of you who like mowed lawns like I do, I hope that you all have a fantastic day.


Muse:  Wake up, ideas!  Wake up!  Why aren’t they waking up?

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