Me & My Muse – Day 28: Another Way to Play the Game….

Yesterday,  I talked about how going to work was like a waiting game.  After thinking about it yesterday,  I realized that it is, but there’s another way to look at it.  There’s another way to play the Waiting Game.

Sometimes, we go through unpleasant seasons in our lives.  These seasons can be tiring and can really test our patience.  But when we play the Waiting Game in a different way, it’s not about waiting for the next dreadful day of drudgery or a 4-hour sentence.  It’s about waiting for something better in the horizon.  It’s about waiting for that crop to fully mature and produce its fruit.  During this unpleasant season, it’s really a growing season.  And like all seasons in life, it won’t last forever….


Muse:  A game?  What game are you playing?  I wanna play!

So what happened to our Muse from yesterday?

Muse:  That Muse was boring!  I was only doing that because you were being stupid and whiny!

So now we get the annoying Muse again, right?

Muse:  I’m not annoying!  Now what’s this game you’re talking about?  Can I play?  Please?  Please?

You’re acting a little hyper this morning.  Did you take your medication yet?

Muse:  Not yet.  I’m out of medication from yesterday….

How can that be?  I just got you a refill on Friday.

Muse:  And I took the whole refill.  Tee hee!

The whole thing?  Are you out of your mind?  You could’ve died!  People.  Don’t attempt what my Muse did yesterday.  She sometimes does stupid things.

Muse:  I don’t use your stupid Tangible rules all the time.

Well that explains why you were so normal yesterday.  It’s a good thing that I got two refills.  You still have the other one, don’t you?

Muse:  Maybe….Tee hee!

What is that supposed to mean?

Muse:  Actually, I threw it away.  While I took that medication for you, I just don’t like it.

But you need it.  Without it, you’re totally hyperactive and crazy.

Muse:  That doesn’t sound too bad to me!  Now can I play this game?

You’re already playing it.

Muse:  No I’m not!  I wanna play!  Come on!

Well, here’s how you play it.  Get your bottle of medication, take one pill and that’s it.

Muse:  That’s a weird game!  All right….

So you had the refill after all?

Muse:  I said maybe, didn’t I?  Here.  I took a pill.  Are you happy?  Now that was a stupid game!  I wanna play another game!

There aren’t anymore games to play.

Muse:  But I wanna play another one!  Come on!  Come on!  Please please please please pleeease!


Muse:  Please please pretty please?

Fine!  Here’s a game.  Go inside my head and tend to my ideas.  And if you stay there until tomorrow, you win.

Muse:  Yay!  I’m gonna win!  I’m gonna win!


There.  Settled that conflict.  I knew something was weird about her yesterday.

So that’s about it for waiting.  There are two ways to play the Waiting Game.  The negative way and the positive way.  I prefer the positive way.  It’s going to be sunny today with a high of 75.  The silver lining today will be making a little more progress on my story.

To all of you who like playing the Waiting Game, I hope that you all have a fantastic day.


Muse:  Yay! He bought it!  I threw the REAL pills away.  Those fake pills don’t do a thing.  I am never taking medication again!  Tee hee hee hee hee!

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