Me & My Muse – Day 20: May for a Day

If any of you have had the misfortune of living in Michigan, you would know that today doesn’t feel like July at all.  It feels like early May.

I don’t have a problem with Michigan at all.   Granted the employment is not the best around here, but I can’t stand the chaotic weather.  Today’s high is a chilly 64 degrees.  Yes. 64 degrees, in July!  Just a week ago, it was 80 degrees….


Muse:  Brrr….

You’re dressed pretty warm for a summer day, aren’t you?

Muse:  But it’s cold outside!

But we’re INSIDE, not outside.  Now come on.  You look silly with that heavy blanket wrapped around you.

Muse:  B-b-but….I c-can’t d-do that….

Of course you can.  And take off that wool sweater, too!

Muse:  Do you want me to freeze to death?  I’m preparing for the blizzard that we’ll have in a few days….

But it’s July!  There’s not going to be a blizzard.  Anyway, what happened to you being lazy?

Muse:  I’m over that now.  I decided to get up this morning.

Great.  Now can you change into summer clothes?  And lose that silly blanket before I take it from you.

Muse:  B-b-but I’m c-c-c-cold!

Come on.  Be a good Muse and change.

Muse:  My name is not Muse.  It’s May.

May?  Really?

Muse:  I’m May for a day.  Tee hee!

You know that these kinds of jokes are overused, don’t you?

Muse:  Whatever!  If they have a problem with the stale and redundant jokes, fine!  They don’t have to read this!  And change my name to May.  It’s not Muse.

Fine.  It’s May now.  Are you happy?

May:  Yes.  Tee hee….

I think that you overused your “tee hee” quota for the day.  What are you, five?

May:  No way!  I’m much older than that.  I just like saying “tee hee”, okay?  So deal with it!

What are your plans for today, besides taking everything literally like you usually do?

May:  I’m just going to stay warm and tend to your ideas.  And I’ll have a big bowl of vanilla ice cream later!

No hot chocolate?

May:  Nope.  I’m plenty warm with my sweater and blanket.  I don’t need anything else to warm me….

I’m going to try to finish reading The Postmortal.

May:  Oh yeah!  I haven’t finished reading that.   Thanks for reminding me!

Anytime, May.  Now that looks like a nice blanket….

May: Hey!  What are you doing?  …..I’m f-f-f-f-freezing!  Brrrrr!  It’s so cold!


Cold?  It’s only 64 degrees.  Now that is definitely an Intangible thing, since she could only be cold if she lowered her body temperature….So much for playing by our rules….

Since you already know the weather, I will get right to the silver lining.  Well, I have today off so what more can you ask for?

To any of you who are suffering the Michigan weather or are experiencing a hotter day than me, I hope that you all have a fantastic day.


May:  I LOVE this name!  Maybe I should change my name more often….

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