Me & My Muse – Day 21: Just another Manic Monday

Once again, we are on the most hated day of the week.  The day that doesn’t get the respect that it deserves.  Why?  For one thing, it’s the first day of the work week, and nobody wants to go back to work after enjoying a nice weekend….

So yeah, it’s Monday.  Bleh!  It never puts a pleasant taste in my mouth.  Granted, it’s the start of a new week, but Friday feels so far away.  Did I mention that my birthday is on a Monday this year?  That’s right.  And it’s only two weeks away….

So for now, it’s just another Manic Monday….


Muse:  I wish it were Sunday!

Me two!  Can we just have another Sunday and forget the calendar?

Muse:  ‘Cause that’s my funday!  Oh, I just like that song….

It’s a good song, but it won’t be enough to lift the mood….

Muse:  I know.  It’s a drag, isn’t it?  If only it were Friday.  So many good Friday songs, tee hee!  Like Friday, Friday!  Gotta get d….

You sing that again and I will hit you.

Muse:  Why?  What’s wrong with that song?

You would know, if you had any taste in music at all….

Muse:  Whatever!  I like that song.  And I could sing it all day long!

Just as long as you’re singing to yourself. Getting back on track,  this Monday is a drag….

Muse:  I’ll say!  Do you have any clue how many ideas you have in there?  It’s a whole lot, and I have to raise every one of them today!

Well, you’re not alone.  My day’s no better than yours.  Believe me….

Muse:  Oh no!


Muse:  One of your ideas just screamed.  I guess it’s back to work for the Mother of Ideas!  Nothing happens if mommy’s not around!  It’s just another Maniiiiic Mondaaaaay…..


What more can I say?  Mondays totally suck.  I guess the only good thing about them is that they only happen once a week.  Today,  the weather is little warmer but still chilly at 70 degrees.  Like any workday today, I have to go in and make more pizzas.

To combat this, I have taken great measures to update my LinkedIn account.  I have published two articles and have blogged for the Midland Daily News for one year.  The pay wasn’t very good, since all I got was free movie tickets….But every little bit of experience helps, right?  Especially if it’s a whole YEAR of blogging…. So anyway, check out my LinkedIn if you haven’t already.

As for the silver lining, I am hoping to get more progress done on The Postmortal.  I don’t know if I’ll finish it tonight, but I’ll try.

For those of you who hate Mondays like I do,  I hope that you all have a fantastic day.


Muse:  So many IDEAS!  AHHHHH!  Where’s an idea day care when you need it?

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