Me & My Muse – Day 16: A Brief talk about Pizza

Once again, it is Wednesday.  This usually means that I will be returning to work.  A job that doesn’t justify me enough to stay here.  Just think about it.  Could you really live off of $500 a month?  That’s $6000 a year….


Muse:  I could!

Really?  I wasn’t talking to you.  I was talking to my audience.

Muse:  What audience?  You always post these things that nobody ever reads.  Did you ever think of that?

How do you know?  Maybe they’re shy and they don’t want to leave any feedback.

Muse:  So where is your $500 a month?  I could TOTALLY live off of that!

It’s a pizza job that pays minimum wage, so you could not.

Muse:  A pizza job?  Hee!  That’s even better!  All the pizzas I can eat….

Yeah.  All the pizzas that you can eat….until you get sick of them!  When you work around food that you make all the time, you tend to not want to eat it very much.

Muse:  So, are they hiring?

No.  And I don’t think my boss would hire someone Intangible like you.  I mean, come on!  You’re pretty much creativity personified!  You wouldn’t exist without me.

Muse:  How do you know your boss wouldn’t hire me? I would make a great worker!

But you don’t have to work!

Muse:  I don’t….hm?  What about those endless ideas of yours?  They would be nothing if I didn’t raise them!  Besides, it’s getting expensive….

How can it get expensive?  There’s no currency in your world!

Muse:  What if I wanted one?  Then there would be!

Always persistent, aren’t you?  Good luck asking my boss for a job.  She can’t even see you.  Only I can!

Muse:  That’s not fair!  You know what?  I wish I was real!  Then everyone could see me!

Well, they can see you now.

Muse:  Hee!  I guess you’re right.  That’s if they’re reading this!

You’re such a Negative Nancy.  At least one person is reading this….

Muse:  Can I have your job?  I mean, you don’t like it, right?

I’ll hold on to it for now.  Intangibles can’t…..

Muse:  Intangibles can’t! Intangibles can’t!  Intangibles can do everything Tangibles can do, and BETTER!  I’m getting some pizza and I’m getting your job, so NYAH!


Well, good luck with that!  She’s very persistent, but I like that quality about her….

For today, it’s going to be a little cooler.  The silver lining will be more progress on The Postmortal and on editing my story, since I didn’t get around to it yesterday.

To all of you who have better jobs than me, I hope you all have a fantastic day.


Muse:  Hello?  Hello?  I’m looking for a job!  I want some pizza!  Why can’t she hear me?

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