Me & My Muse – Day 15: A Good Read

Books, they’re everywhere and….I will spare you the lengthy discussion about them today.

To be brief, I am currently reading one and I’m working on one.  The rough draft is all typed.  I’m just editing the manuscript.

Whenever I read a book, I try to find a good one….


Muse:  Oh!  This book is so good!

What are you reading?

Muse:  I’m reading The Postmortal.  It’s about this guy who takes “the cure” and permanently stops aging.  Pretty neat, huh?

Neat?  First of all, you’re reading the same book as me.  Secondly, I wouldn’t find it neat to remain the same age for hundreds of years.  I would want to die eventually, you know?

Muse:  Well, I don’t ever want to die!  I want “the cure”!

But you’re a Muse, so you don’t need it.

Muse:  So?  They can make “the cure” for Muses too, can’t they?

“The Cure” doesn’t even exist, so how could they make one for you?

Muse:  It so does exist, you liar!  Everything that’s in these books are true!  Didn’t you know that?

That’s nonfiction.  The book that you’re reading is fiction.  That means no cures that permanently stop aging.

Muse:  You always lie to me like this!  I know you’re making it up!

Fine.  “The Cure” is real.  Why don’t you go get it?

Muse:  I will, if I can find a place that will give it to me!  Tee hee!

Well anyway, that book is pretty good so far….

Muse:  I especially like the part where CBS did a news story on this woman named Mia, who gave the cure to her 8 month old daughter Emilia.  In doing this, she gets to raise her baby forever!

Why would you like that part?  For me, that part was actually sad.  That poor daughter will never grow up.  She will never become a woman!  Don’t you find that sad?

Muse:  Not at all!  I think it would be cute to have my own baby and raise it forever!  Tee hee!  That would be so fun!

I imagine.  Hundreds of years of bottle feeding, baths and diaper changing.  So much fun….

Muse:  It would be!  Why wouldn’t you think so?  They always grow up too fast anyway.  This way, she doesn’t grow up and she can keep her innocence forever….

You know that Mia was thrown in jail for doing that to her kid.  Would you want to end up in jail like her?

Muse:  They wouldn’t find out!  Besides Muses can’t go to jail….

Muses that want to be “Tangibles” can….

Muse:  Well, you’re no fun!  I’m going to look for “the cure” so I can get it my self!


Good luck finding it… my head?  Why does she go there to find it?  She’ll never find anything there….

My Muse is a little creepy for wanting to raise a kid that will never age.  I’ll talk to her about that later….

For today, it’s going to be a little cooler.  The silver lining is making more progress on editing my story.

For all of you who love reading like I do, I hope that you all have a fantastic day….


Muse:  Hee!  I  found “the cure”!  They just gave it to me.

WHAT?  Impossible….!

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  1. Stupid amnesia! I can’t remember anything that happens in this book. I’ll have to go check it out again!

    Wait a second! I still have it? Well, I guess I’ll read it later then! Tee hee!

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