Think & Write #103

The Daydream

Darren woke up in a vast field.  Looking around, he thought that this field was real.  That is, until he saw a bunch of clothes growing there.  There were plants that grew socks, as well as plants that grew shirts.  There was even a plant that grew pants.

Even more unique about the field was the way that it was organized.  In one section there were plants that grew women’s clothes.  This was in the largest section of the field.  In another section, where he was in, all the plants grew men’s clothes.  Past the woman’s clothes plants were plants that grew baby clothes.  In the far corner was another set of plants.  These ones grew boys and girls clothes.

But the crops didn’t stop there.  When Darren walked around, he found plants that grew powertools and ordinary tools.  When he turned the corner, there were plants that grew big screen TV’s.  Furthermore, there were plants that grew various other appliances.

Before Darren could explore any more of the field, he heard a voice.  “Darren, wake up!”

Darren woke up.  He was sitting in the break room of Sheldon’s department store.

“Darren!” his boss told him.  “Your break is over.  You can go back to work now.  Please try to save the sleeping for at home, okay?”

Darren nodded.  “Yes sir.”

Darren left the break room and went right back to work.


©2012  K. L. Walker