Think & Write #104

Inner Child: The Failed Experiment (Alternate Ending)

The next day, Jessica wasn’t crying her eyes out, but she was still sad.  It was the day that Dr. Mayberry came back from his sabbatical.  Jessica called the laboratory.  The assistants told her to come in at noon, and to bring the girl with her.

Once in the laboratory, she entered the same room she was in during the experiment.  When little Jessica saw this room, she frowned.

“I’m scared, mommy.” she told her.

“Don’t worry, honey.” Jessica told her.  “It will only take a second.”

A few seconds later, Dr. Mayberry entered the room.  “Enjoying your inner child?” he joked.

Jessica nodded.  “I’m enjoying her very much,” she told him.  “If you were to ask me that eight months ago, I would have punched you in the face.  But I’m really enjoying her now.  As much as I do though, I’m going to have to say goodbye.”

Dr. Mayberry scratched his head.  “I’ll let you do so then.  As for her, I still am not able to figure out why that happened to you.  If I were to guess, I probably just created a clone from your memories by mistake.”

Jessica frowned.  “It was a mistake?”

“Of course!” the doctor nodded.  “This experiment was something that we have never tried before.  Not even on animals!  You were the first one to try it, so we don’t have much data.  We’re going to repeat the same procedure as you had before.  Hopefully, we won’t end up with another clone from your memories.  Anyway, I’ll let you say goodbye while we’re hooking everything up to you.”

Jessica nodded, as they laid her on the bed.  After that, they strapped her in with the belt over her stomach and attached a helmet on her.

Meanwhile, the girl just stood there watching, with a very sad look on her face.  “Mommy….”

“Good bye, little Jess.” Jessica told her.  “I’m really going to miss you, but you will be in me very soon, okay?  Farewell, honey!”

The girl continued to stare at Jessica, and a tear began to roll down her little cheek.  “Bye mommy…..”

Before they could say anything else, Dr. Mayberry signaled his assistant to turn the machine on.

Like before, Jessica felt a strong tingle of electricity flowing through her.  After that, she was knocked out.

When she came to, she looked around.  Still strapped in, Jessica looked anywhere.  Little Jessica was nowhere to be found.

Jessica then reached out her hand.  Something felt strange when she did this.  Why does everything look bigger all of a sudden?  Looking down at her clothes, she gasped.  She was wearing pink corduroy overalls with a white shirt covered in pink dots.  “What’s going on….?” she said.  Right after speaking, she gasped.  Her voice sounded just like little Jessica.

As they were unstrapping her, she looked around again.  When she could move her hands, she felt bulkiness on her bottom.  That’s when her heart sank.  “No….” she said in complete disbelief.

Finally, when they finished unstrapping her, the assistant approached her.  “This isn’t good,” she told her.

“Definitely,” Dr. Mayberry said in agreement.  “This wasn’t supposed to happen at all.”

Jessica stood up, shaking her head.  “What happened? What have you done?”

Dr. Mayberry hesitated, and then gave a nervous laugh.  “I’m sorry to tell you this, Miss Smith.” he told her.  “Instead of sending your inner child into you, I sent you into your inner child….”

“What?” Jessica thought.  “This can’t be!”  Overcome with desperation, she approached the doctor in her little body. “Change me back, now!” she demanded.

The doctor looked at the machine, which emitted a plume of black smoke.  “I’m afraid that we can’t do that, little miss.” He said.  “The machine’s broken, and it will take us a long time to fix it.”

“Well, fix it faster!” she cried.  “I don’t want to be stuck in this body!”

Dr. Mayberry sighed.  “Well, it’s going to take us a while, missy.  You dropped your phone before the experiment.  Call for one of your friends to pick you up.  A taxi won’t take a little kid.”

The doctor handed her the phone and she grabbed it.  “Well, thanks….” she said, sarcastically.

Jessica stood there, with a sullen look on her face.  After closing her eyes, she realized that she could remember every single detail from her childhood.  But this wouldn’t help her, considering the predicament that she was in.

“My adult mind’s still intact,” Jessica thought.  “Now, I’m stuck in a four-year old’s body. How am I gonna go to work? How are they going to change me back?”

Feeling hopeless, Jessica started to cry.  Streams of tears ran down her pink corduroy overalls as she sobbed.  She was now trapped inside the body of her inner child.  Trapped with no way out.


©2012  K. L. Walker