Think & Write #102

Voting for Jesus

When I voted yesterday, I really didn’t have a choice for president.  Neither of the candidates made any sense.  Did I want four more years of liberal policies, or did I want a Mormon running the country?

With neither candidate making any sense to me, I decided to do a write-in candidate.  For mine, I nominated Jesus Christ.  Granted, he won’t govern this country.  But he does govern my life, and his government will be established someday.

After leaving my precinct voting area in Cleveland, I told my friends.  They didn’t believe it.

“Why Jon?” Bill asked me.  “Why did you pick Jesus?”

“Why not?” I told him.  “I didn’t like any of the candidates, so I wrote his name instead.”

Now I know that the world is going to end soon.  So it didn’t matter which candidate won.  In either case, we would experience the end of the world.  Now I know that many doomsayers have mentioned this before.  But it’s going to happen eventually.

When it does, I will be glad that I chose to write in my candidate’s name.  Jesus Christ – my savior.


©2012  K. L. Walker