Think & Write #89

Autumn Snapshots

CLICK!   Laura just took a picture of an oak tree.  It sat at the end of the street near the dorms.  Most of the leaves were still on the tree.  Various reds and yellows and oranges.  But there it sat, forever captured in a digital image.  Laura took her camera and snapped on.

CLICK!  Another picture of a tree.  This one was bare, without a single leaf left on it.  It gave all it could to the ground, and it couldn’t give any more.  Laura gave a sigh of satisfaction as she captured this moment into her camera.

CLICK!  This one was a couple of college students, making their way to class.  What sat behind them was a sidewalk covered in leaves.  With the weather being cooler, they each wore a sweatshirt.  The man and the woman, paying no attention to Laura’s camera at all.

CLICK!  Another picture.  This was a panoramic shot of one of the buildings on campus.  It was the liberal arts building, with the side of it covered in ivy with the lawn surrounding it covered in leaves of various colors.   The sidewalks had students traversing to and from class.  Laura continued walking, looking to capture some more moments.

CLICK!  Laura got a shot of a man with a pair of binoculars.  He seemed very passionate about the leaves and the scenery, and to her it seemed like her was taking it all in.

“There we go,” Laura said with a smile.  And with that, she pointed the camera at herself, and snapped away, as she attempted to capture herself in the colorful, almost magical season.


©2012  K. L. Walker