Think & Write #88

Sea of Autumn

Milton got out his binoculars again and looked outside.  The leaves were a variety of different colors.  It was only a matter of time before the leaves would lose their color and fall to the ground.

Filled with excitement, Milton left his house.  “The show is beginning,” he smiled.  “Free to all.   A festival of colors.  This will not last long, so I better savor it while it lasts….”

While Milton was outside, he took notice of his surroundings.  An old man was blowing leaves in his yard.  Across the street, he saw a little girl jumping into the leaves and laughing.  Looking at those leaves, he sighed.  “Those ones fell early,” he said.  “Pretty soon, they will all fall….”

Milton took a walk down his street.  Over in the distance, he saw a frustrated young man, feverishly raking the leaves into a tarp.  Just as he finished, a bunch of new leaves fell to the ground.

“You’re not done,” Milton quietly said with a smile.

At the end of the street, Milton noticed the local college campus.  In the distance, there was a young woman taking various pictures.  Turning back around,  Milton noticed a girl with a cider stand.  She sold cider, donuts and other baked goods.

Smiling, Milton bought a glass of cider and a donut from the girl’s stand.

“Thank you for your business,” the girl gratefully said.

Milton entered his house and ate his donut. Sipping his cider, he took another look at the trees using his binoculars.  It was a sea of autumn, with the trees dropping leaves of various colors.  With the colors not lasting long, Milton was going to enjoy it while it lasted.


©2012  K. L. Walker