Think & Write #90

Pile of Autumn

Caitlyn looked outside and watched the numerous leaves fall to the ground.  There were orange leaves, red leaves, yellow leaves and some green leaves.  As for the rest of them, they were all brown and laying on the ground, colorless.

Caitlyn’s father was raking all the leaves into large piles.  When Caitlyn saw this, she turned around and looked at her mother.  “Can I play in the leaves now, mommy?”

The mother looked outside and smiled.  “If it’s okay with daddy, you can go right on ahead, sweetie.” she told her.

Caitlyn leaped up with excitement.   This was going to be so much fun!  The first thing that she wanted to do was bury herself in the leaves.  Caitlyn put her coat on and went outside, where the enormous piles were forming around her.

“Daddy, can I play in the leaves?” she asked him.  “Please?”

The father stopped raking and looked at Caitlyn.  “How about this, honey?  You can play in them until I’m ready to move them.  Okay?”

Caitlyn nodded.  “Thank you, daddy.  Hooray!”

Caitlyn went to the first pile that her father directed her to.  She ran over to the pile and dived head first into it.  When she stuck her face out, there were leaves all over her hair and leaves all over her coat.  She didn’t mind, since she was having too much fun.

When her father moved that pile of leaves, Caitlyn ran to the next one and dove in.  “Whee!” Caitlyn shouted.  “Look at me, daddy!”

The father stopped raking briefly to look at Caitlyn, whose face was now covered with leaves.  Even when she shook them off, there were still a couple of leaves stuck to her hair.  “That’s nice, honey,” the father said with a smile.  “I’m glad you’re enjoying the leaves.”  And with that, the father picked up his rake and continued raking the other piles.

And so it continued.  For each pile that the father was ready to move, Caitlyn ran to the next pile and jumped in.  For some, she swam around in the leafy piles.  This went on until the father got every pile moved.  All that remained was one pile.

When Caitlyn saw the last pile, she frowned.   She lay in that pile and looked at her father.  “Please, daddy?” she begged.  “Can you leave this pile for me?”

The father sighed, and looked at his watch.   “It’s yours for a week, Caitlyn.  After that, I want to pick them up.”

Caitlyn nodded.  “Okay, daddy….”

Everyday after school, Caitlyn came out and played in that pile of leaves.  When the week was up, the father moved the last pile.

This made Caitlyn really sad.  But when she saw where her father was moving all the leaves, a big smile appeared on her face.  The father was dumping all the leaves into the woods, where there were enormous piles of leaves there.  To Caitlyn, this was paradise.

Caitlyn’s eyes were fixated on the piles of leaves in the woods.  “Can I play in those leaves, daddy?”  she asked him.

The father nodded.  “Play as much as you want, honey.  Just be in before dinner.”

Caitlyn nodded, and entered the fun and leafy wonderland.   It was sea of leaves.  An enormous pile of autumn for Catilyn to enjoy whenever she wanted.  Well, at least until her parents call her in.

Caitlyn dove into the enormous sea of leaves and laughed her little heart out.  She kicked, swam and dove into the leaves again and again, having all the fun that she wanted.


©2012  K. L. Walker