Think & Write #56

The Colors of Autumn

Caitlyn looked out her window.  The leaves have not fallen yet.

“Mommy, when are the leaves going to fall?”  she asked.  “I want to play in the leaves!”

The mother smiled.  “Don’t worry, honey.  The leaves are just starting to change color.  You’ll be able to play in them soon enough.”


In another house, Milton looked out of his house with binoculars.  “Ah….” he pleasantly sighed.  “The wonderful colors of Autumn.  The leaves just started to change.  But not enough of them have changed yet!  In October, the real show will begin….”


Darren looked outside and groaned.  He hated fall, and everything associated with it.  “I hate leaves,” he grumbled.  “The soon they don’t fall, the better.”  He closed the curtains and returned to playing his game.


Laura grabbed her camera and left her dorm.  She began taking pictures of the leaves.  Every angle that she could find.  “I love getting Autumn pictures,” she said with a smile.  After getting some of the trees, she took some other pictures.  Pictures of pumpkins, more leaves, and some of the trees that were beginning to change color.


So the colors of Autumn were all displayed differently.  Some were vibrant and bright colors.  Those who graciously welcomed Autumn.  Others, however, were dull and lifeless colors.  Those who hated it and saw it as nothing more than work.  Whatever the colors were, Autumn was here to stay for a while.


©2012  K. L. Walker