Think & Write #55

Summer’s Last Stand

Summer stood there with a glum look on his face.  For the past three months, he provided warm weather for the northern hemisphere.

Tomorrow would be the meeting of the Council of Seasons.  Every season must be present for this brief meeting.  After the meeting, two of the seasons would rest for three months.  This time, it would be Summer and Winter.

Summer was tired.  With his strongest strength, he couldn’t produce the warmth that he could back in July.  Being weak and frail, it was time for him to rest.

“Why don’t you give it a rest?” Autumn said, teasing him.  “You look like an old man.  Your youth is gone.  It will return during your three months of rest.”  Autumn then smiled, rubbing it in.  “Besides, it’s my turn.”

Summer frowned.  That may be true for her, but this was Summer’s last stand.  His last day before that meeting.  He wanted to do all he could to make it a good one.

Tomorrow, it would be the sister seasons turn.  Autumn would handle the northern hemisphere while Spring would handle the southern hemisphere.

“I feel so rested,” Autumn said, with her young and cheerful voice.  “I’m ready to cool things down and make leaves fall.  Just sleep early.  I will wake you for the Council of Seasons meeting tomorrow.”

Summer wouldn’t have any of that.

“You’re just a kid!” he shouted.  “Let me have my last moment in the sun!  You will have plenty of time after the meeting tomorrow.  It will be three months before I go again.”  Summer’s next job would be the southern hemisphere, while Winter would handle the northern hemisphere.  For now,  he pushed Autumn aside with a warm front and used what’s left of his strength.  “You girl seasons will have your fun tomorrow.  Let me have my fun today.”

With that, he heated the northern hemisphere one last time, while he waved at Old Man Winter in the distance…..


©2012  K. L. Walker